Chapter 01

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Rose's POV

The lamp crashed on the wall across the room as I placed my hands on my ears trying to drown down the sound of it. "Get out! Now!" said Eran as my heart came in my mouth in disbelief of what exactly I just heard. "God, you are such a little brat, I don't even understand what the hell was I thinking when I fell for you" he said more. Every single word that came out of his mouth felt like he just plunged a sharp knife through my belly and the blood came out as oceans of saltwater through my eyes.

"You seem so proud that I can't live without you, that I come after you every single time we fight, well there you go! I set you free, leave and never show me your face again" damn he keeps on twisting the knife. I clutched my chest as if that attempt is going to calm my racing heart. My tears weren't flowing anymore because I felt my world spinning. The silence after he said the words was way too loud and I feared if my sob came out he would pounce at me.

Two years of living with him, sacrificing my dreams and giving up on my friends this was what I got. We were the best, everything about us was way too good. Too good to be true. We had such a fantastic start. However, throughout the course of the previous two years, our once beautiful relationship has deteriorated. The most unsettling aspect is how adept we have become at acting as though everything between us is just fine.

I nodded as I looked towards him and my eyes were only blessed with the sight of the back of his head as his right fist was holding a handful of his silky hair and his left hand was grabbing his perfectly shaped waist. My eyes let down another drop of tear as I felt it hit the floor. His entire body was moving up and down as he was breathing rapidly igniting flames of rage.

Despite all these, I still silently hoped to hold his hand to calm my racing heart. I hoped to see his Cheshire cat smile because no anger, no hard feelings were strong enough in front of his big bright smile. I wanted to forget that this moment ever existed because I didn't want to lose him, I wanted to carry on this charade a bit more.

I opened my mouth wanting to say that I was sorry and that let's just try again and make this work but I guess, it's all too late. Voice escaped my throat and al I could do was just simply nod and intake all of his poison and let it burn me to death.

I am certain that he noticed me nodding because of the dark reflection of my face on the glass pane in front of him. It is snowing outside and it is so damn late at night and yet I did what I was asked to. Grabbing my coat from the coat hanger in where we used to hang our coats everyday after work and cuddle afterwards pretending to be the happy couple, I slowly put my feet in my boots.

I once more stole a little glance towards him and he was still staring at my reflection waiting for me to leave his sight and house. I rubbed my tears and grabbed the phone and left afterwards shutting the door to our house of happiness and left him.

Left us..


Two years ago
Eran's POV
"Yeah, this one tasted far more better than the last one, I swear to God" said Hunter, one of my best friends, as I agreed pretending to be so much into their conversation and placed a forkful of nugget in my mouth.

My life hasn't been the most fun and exhilarating if you ask me, just like everyone else even I had my heart ripped out once in my life by my beautiful ex girlfriend. Every single time I think about the moment when she got caught cheating on me with my friend, a feeling of disgust rushes through me.


"Did you send these to him, or not?" I asked her, as I felt my heavy heart pounding against my chest. "Listen babe,I can explain" she pleaded, an absolute regretion glistened in her eyes. I rolled my eyes in exasperation and secretly expected her to provide me with just one instance of proof so that I could exonerate her completely of all wrongdoing.

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