First Sight

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Eran's POV
"Did you send these to him,or not?" I asked her,as I felt my heavy heart pounding against my chest. "Listen babe,I can explain" she pleaded,an absolute regretion glistened in her eyes. I rolled my eyes in exasperation and secretly expected her to provide me with just one instance of proof so that I could exonerate her completely of all wrongdoing.

I trusted her more than anyone in my life. I was prepared to kill anyone who tried to criticize her. I looked back at her after struggling to find some breath in my lungs, "Mary, yes or no?" As soon as she spoke it with her sweet lips which used to be my favourite feature of her, all of my hopes and dreams were ruthlessly dashed.


I backed away. My brain was spinning, and my knees started to quake. As soon as the love of my life admitted to cheating on me, the world collapsed on my shoulder. I uttered "We are over" as I descended the stairs. She called out to me, but I realized that there was no way to justify the atrocity she had committed. My friends called out for me but I was running faster than ever. Hiding from this moment, from this feeling, hiding from this world.

Their voices faded out gradually as I paced even more, I cannot let my tears to be seen, cannot let anyone know that the goofy Eran had come to an end.

Two years later

"Yeah, this one tasted far more better than the last one, I swear to God" said Hunter, one of my best friends, as I agreed pretending to be so much into their conversation and placed a forkful of nugget in my mouth.

It's been two years, since I have moved on from that poisonous girl. It was difficult, but avoiding negativity is preferable to immersing oneself in a universe of absurd fairy tales and artificial fantasy. I was through. I was finished with everything without a doubt. I went to numerous football tournaments all over the world, ate at various restaurants with my pals, tried new foods and cultures, and claimed to be ecstatic with my life. But deep down, I knew, that the damage was done.

I wasn't really bothered by the fact that she cheated on me, I was rather hurt with the fact of me not being enough for her, even though I did what it needs to be done, to keep her happy. Mary just made me feel so much low, so disgraced to myself that I even forgot how to love and appreciate my own self.

I am one of the five persons living in my home. My mother, father, younger sibling Maria, and younger brother Ian. I have experienced a lot of family turmoil because my father has several brothers and comes from a very affluent family, yet despite this, I am a pretty cheerful person because I don't let things affect me easily. In addition, my dad owns numerous enterprises, therefore our family never experienced a financial shortage. Out of all of my dad's siblings, Uncle Evan, one of his brothers, frequently harbors jealousy over the fact that my father is wealthy and has repeatedly attempted to implicate him in crimes he did not commit.

My father is my hero. Even though we dont get to talk that much yet, he means everything to me I never have anything to worry about and always get what I ask for. Despite the numerous attempts Uncle Evan has made to make him look terrible, Dad has always been there for him whether it's to resolve his minor disputes, offer financial advice, or protect his family from danger. He even invites his brothers including Uncle Evan to dine at our place every Saturday night so that we all stay in touch and my dad's bond with his brothers remain unbreakable.

My father's side of the family is fairly large, therefore I have a lot of cousins. We get along incredibly well. They are all similar to my friends from high school, and we frequently socialize out.

I leaned back on the chair I was sitting on, crossing my legs, and started to scroll through my Facebook newsfeed. "So you are coming with me to Canada, right Eran?" asked Ricky, one of my close pals. I looked up from my mobile and replied. "Of coursee"

This Canada was just an excuse. I just wanted to get out of this sick country and shift to Canada for my so called studies with Ricky. We have always thought of going to Canada for our further studies and graduate from there since childhood and with the blink of an eye, the year had arrived. As per planned, both of us will move out from here at the end of December, more five months to go and have the time of our lives.

"Hey, don't move, you look great! Wait I'm clicking a picture just smile" said Hunter, out of the blue. I quickly went with the flow, and smiled gazing towards the phone. Not gonna lie, the picture came out actually really good, so I selected that as the profile picture of my Instagram. It was raining outside and it felt amazing to drive under the rain. Hunter turned on Weeknd songs and started to sing after him as my other friends took like a million snaps. I laughed as i shouted at the top of my lungs, out of my car window singing along my friends.

The cold droplets of the rain touched my face as serenity surrounded me.

I secretly hoped that my father was sound asleep as I returned to my house after dropping off all of my pals at their locations. If he saw me outside the home this late at night, he would make a tremendous scene. Miraculousy, I avoided being discovered, and as soon as I reached my room, I hurried to take a fast hot shower.

I observed my reflection in the mirror as the vapour built up and the water droplets flowed beautifully from my wet hair, caressing my face.

Damn, I'm a very handsome guy

I collapsed on my bed, completely exhausted, and sighed loudly as I scrolled through my Instagram newsfeed asI also ran my fingers though my wet hair.

After about ten minutes of scrolling, I came across to an Instagram story of one of my friends, Daisy.

There was an instant addition of heartbeats against my chest. My cheeks began to twist as a strange feeling flowed through my soul, and a smile began to emerge from my lips. Alongside Daisy, a lovely girl posed while grinning maniacally. She had the most adorable plump cheeks adorned with glasses that beautifully stayed on the lines of her nose.

Nerdy much?

But a lovely one. Her eye color might be totally black, couldn't make a clear guess because of the picture being unclear, thanks to the Snapchat filter most of the stupid girls seems to use.

Her curves were tightly held hostage by an orange top, giving her a stunningly lovely yet adorable appearance. These features might not turn heads, but looked very attractive to me. There was this weird feeling, scattered around my heart. I felt great for the first time in a long time as a cool sensation filled with sanity was tingling inside me.

I felt.. in peace? Really?

She's beautiful. I kept staring at that story picture of Daisy and thought to myself, "who might she be?" and in the very next second something absolutely terrible happened. My phone ran out of charge and got switched off. "Are you kidding me?! Come on, I was watching her!" I snapped, placing it on the charge.

Sighing, I laid back and smiled to myself making a self note that I have  to find this angelic girl out because I have never felt this good seeing a girl, in these two years.

Author's Note

Hey everybody, I sincerely hope you all enjoyed the first chapter of this tale of true love. I'll continue the narrative a little more slowly and concentrate on Rose's point of view in the upcoming chapter.

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