Chapter 1

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Hi everyone, this is my first book and I'm so excited because I've never done such a thing before. I hope you guys enjoy it, please leave a vote and a comment. Thank you ❤️

Five years ago
~ Victoria's POV

"That movie was out of this world!" I exclaim to my parents as we exit the movie theater to head home. I notice a black car in an odd position in the road, but I think nothing of it.

"That movie scared the crap out of me" my father replies. I chuckle when I hear my mom slap my father on his head with her hand , "Language!" my mother yells at my father while giving him a disapproving look.

Before we can reach the car, gun shots are firing everywhere. I scream when I see my father lying in a pool of his own blood. I search for my mom and find her on the floor covering her head, panicking. I run to her to tell her that dad needed our help.

Just when I reach her, a bullet goes through my skin causing me to fall limb in her arms. All I could hear was her screaming and distant sirens in the background. "Please stay awake!" I hear my mom's pleas.

I feel myself being lifted by a man, I looked up to find the most beautiful green-blue eyes staring back at me. For a moment, everything around me phased away and all I could do was focus on the man holding me.

We lock eyes and I could've sworn there was a spark between us. Being sixteen, this new emotion didn't make sense, but it felt right.

I feel myself being placed in the back of an ambulance and his body leaving mine.

"Please don't leave" I manage to say to him, in hopes he listens to me. "Sorry sir, but family members only" I hear a paramedic informing the man, "I will follow you" I hear his deep angelic voice say.

When the doors close and the vehicle begins moving, all I remember is his eyes and the spark I felt before everything went black.

*A week later*

I slowly open my eyes but close them immediately due to the harsh lighting. I look to the side and see my mother speaking to a doctor. "Mom?"

Her attention immediately shifts towards my direction. She runs to my side and grabs my hand. Tears fall down her face and I try to console her but my throat feels so dry.

The doctor hands me a a cup of water and I gulp it down. When I'm satisfied I turn to my mother and ask her "How long was I out?" she looks at the doctor and then back at me

"Honey you were out for a week, do you remember anything?" I try to sit up but a shooting pain in my side prevents me from moving further.

All of a sudden images flashes before my eyes and I can't help but hiss at the pain it's causing. The man! My father! " Mom did the guy visit me? " my mother frowns and scrunches her eyebrows together " What guy, sweetie?" she asks while rubbing circles on my hand

"The man that helped me in the ambulance, where is he?" my mother gives me a sad smile and informs me that no one has visited as far as she knows.

I look down at my hands but then I look back at her " Oh God, Mom where's Dad! H-he was... Oh gosh mom? Is he dead?! " my mother shushes me and I see tears forming again in her blue eyes.

I feel myself tearing up. My mother looks at me and her next words leaves me speechless " I don't know if he's dead or not because he's missing"

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