A new Appearance

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Rayna's POV

         After my fail at using chopsticks Al got a call and decided we should go home . I'm not sure what spooked him but he was grabbing the steering wheel so tight I was afraid he'd break it. 

After a bit of contemplating I decided I'd place my hand over his arm and in good faith too because he visibly relaxed slightly making me smile . He took a deep breath and held my hand in his before bringing  his lips to my hand. I laid back and closed my eyes feeling myself drift to sleep.
"I swear ... I'll never let anyone hurt you ever again." 


When I woke up it took a moment for my eyes to become adjusted but once they did I realized I was back home. Home... I couldn't help but smile at the thought. I have a real home now. I hopped out of bed and walked to the door . I decided I'd go visit Alois so I went to his office to pay him a visit. "Allllllllll." I sang walking into his office only to see he's not here.

   I pout before deciding to follow his scent . Ever since that thing that happened the other day my senses have been really sharp. I can even tell where someone is by their smell . Alois smells like Maple Wood in the winter. It's pretty strange but it smells so amazing . 

  His scent leads me to a door at the end of the hall . I smiled running to the door before something caught my nose that made me stop in place . 


Someone down there is seriously hurt ! 'Becareful Rayna . You don't know what's going on down there it could be a trap .' Chi reminds me but it felt as though whatever was down there was calling me to it. I slowly opened the door careful not to make too much noise . 

The smell of blood gets stronger and I can practically taste it . I scrunch my nose in disgust before  stepping down a few steps into the dimly lit stairway . I finally reach the bottom and peak my head over the corner . 

To my surprise I see Alois and a few of the friends he introduced me to. They were all standing in different parts of the room but what scared me most was the color in the room. It was like I could see the hate radiating off of everyone in the room . 

And Al, Al had it the worst . A murderous intent was radiating off of him and his body gave off a faint dark red glow. In the center of the room was what appears to be a man with a black bag over his head. He had shackles on his wrist and ankles and was strapped down into a chair. Before I could investigate more Alois snapped his head in my direction and I did the only think I could think of . 

Run .

I sprinted up the stairs almost falling over in the process and slammed the door, Al hot on my trail . I looked at the possible options for me , I could run to the room and lock the door but that's too stereotypical, isn't that how people die in horror movies? 

I can go outside but where would I go? He knows the woods better than I do . 'Rayna .' A voice rung in my heads however this one didn't sound like Chi. I would've screamed but I was too busy running. ' Rayna give me control for a moment' the voice says. Give you control? I don't even know who you are . ' I am apart of you . I can explain later just give me control.' 

The voice says as I hear Alois getting closer. 

Fuck it what can go wrong. How do I "give you control" I asked .

  ' slow your breathing to almost silence and say "scarlet "  . You'll feel like you're falling momentarily and within seconds you'll see everything that happens but won't be able to control your body. To gain control do the same thing and say "Return"

It sounded scary but the voice seemed trusting . Yeahhh I'm losing it, random voices in my head are trusting? I stopped running and mumbled  scarlet under my breath. I felt as though the ground beneath me had caved and there was nothing there. Then it felt as though I was in my own body but wasn't? Like I was in my mind. "Hey "  I jump before looking to my side to see it was only Chíoni . "Where are we ?" I say in a daze as I stare at my surroundings. It was like a meadow with a waterfall. In the distance their was a snowy mountain behind a large forest and on the other side the Boulders I had seen before however this time, only two symbols lay carved on them. "We are in your soul." .....huh . I looked at her like she was crazy before taking a breath and nodding " Okay."
"REALLY it was THAT easy!" Chi says , " I thought you were going to freak out . "
"I can control the cold like I'm Elsa ,  see colors on people ,My mate is most likely a serial killer, I have a Snow Spirit living in my head and a mysterious voice that asks to take control of my body... nothings a surprise anymore." I say falling out onto the grass making chi bust out laughing.

  I slowed  my breathing and tried to focus on the scene at hand. I was in the forest behind a tree and kinda high off the ground for my barely over 5 feet height. In the distance was Alois gripping his hair in frustration as he paced back and forth, every part of my being wanted to go comfort him and tell him I'm right here but, who knows what he's about to do to that man. I slow my breathing mumbling a quiet " return" before I'm back in control of my own body. 

I rubbed my eyes with my hands, sorry paws. Wait..paws. 

I look down and see two ginger Paws where my hands used to be, or legs ? I'm not even sure at this point. I attempt to sprint to the pool of water , Keyword being "Attempt" i guess paws and legs don't work the same. I groan as the new voice laughs with Chióni at my distress making me growl. Growl? The hells going on ? After a little while I manage to get the walking thing down pack and I get the water. In it's reflection I expect to see myself ...  instead I see a large Ginger colored Wolf . I take a moment to observe my new appearance, I see the mark that was once on my leg now on my chest in white, even in my reflection the body seeming to have a white glow to it. I lay down trying to take everything in , one question weighing heavy on my mind.
Who am I really?

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