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The redhead shut the car door to see a beautiful house and her friends gathering inside.

The house was the kind that she always wanted to grow up in. The one where the love never seems to disappear.

"Are you going to stand in the cold or are you going to get inside?"
The one and only Aunt Josephine said, her smile stained upon her face, coming off with a little old fashion sarcasm.

"No! I'll come in, sorry for keeping you holding the door."
The redhead stepped in, the warm air brushing her.

"Oh it's no worries Anne, Aunt Jo would rather be outside than inside. She's just trying to scare you."
Diana said from experience, shivers down her spine.

"If you state it that way, everyone is scared these days at least of the unknown. I just happened to be in the receiving end of that."

"Oh Mrs.Barry, your house is the kinda that put in movies!"
The Blondie said looking around the room at the swirling objects.

"Yeah the horror kind.."
The raven haired girl said.

Aunt Josephine and Diana Barry had a peculiar relationship. One that consists of frivolous teasing. Diana could always be herself with Aunt Josephine, Aunt Josephine was always the person standing by her while her dad was in his destructive mindset.

"Why yes, horror, the best out of all the genres, but then again I'm bias."
Aunt Josephine said to the lively redhead who expresses like as if she was walking into something extraordinary.

"O- Oh gosh, this house looks like the show, me and Jerry we're watching. It was set in the 1800's and their was a magnificent house, similar to this one- NOT TO SAY YOUR HOUSE IS OLD-''
The redhead begin to rambling at the end of her sentence.

"No that's quite alright Anne, plus this was more of Gertrude's style. She always loved big scary houses like this one."

The redhead asked.

"Oh boy, I've heard this marvelous story many times, come one Ruby, I'll show you around."
The raven haired girl left dragging the Blondie by her ruffled sleeve.

"Ah yes my Gertrude, she was always a fiery one, right until her last beautiful breath."

"I'm so sorry Mrs.Barry."
The redhead laid her hand on Aunt Josephine, in a attempts you cheer her lost heart.

"Call me Aunt Jo, I'll tell you the story."

"Yes, I would love that Aunt Jo."

"GiLberT! Are weee there yet?"
The French boy whined, he putting his shoes up on the curly haired boy's car.

"No, for the last time Jerry, we're still 30 minutes away.. AND ALSO, Get your feet off my car Jer!!"
The curly haired boy said as he kept his eyes stuck on the road.

"Pft Beyoncé wouldn't treat me like this.."
The French boy grumbled as he took his feet down.

"Do you have a 5 of hearts?"
The bubbly eyed glasses boy said, he held his deck of cards across the lovesick Moody.

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