Chapter 60

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"True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen. "

Haider's p.o.v

I could hear different voices around me but all I could see was darkness.

Am I in heaven?

My trance of thoughts were broken by a sharp voice of someone.

"He is getting conscious!"
My eyes were as heavy as I was lifting whole universe  on them.
With much difficulty I opened my eyes and saw a crew of doctors around me.

"How are you feeling now?"
One of the doctor asked coming closer .

"I am fine.  What happened to me?"

"Your and the patient's in room no 7 hearts stopped beating for almost 4 minutes. After 4 minutes your hearts starts beating again. It's like a miracle of Allah. Your heart stopped looking at her and started beating with her's. I had never seen a love this  deep and eternal."

Doctor said referring toMinahil and a smile broke on my lips.

"How's  she?"

"She got her conscious back almost half an hour ago. She is completely fine now."

I sighed and with a smile close my eyes.

Author's p.o.v

Tooba called Rehab who was sitting on floor with some pictures in his hands.

His face was damp with tears.

"Rehab meri Jan!!"
(Rehab  my life!!)
Tooba said in a shaky tone sitting beside him.

He didn't raised his head but kept on gazing pictures.

Tooba took pictures from his hand and saw a huge group of children standing there smiling.

She looked at Rehab with confusion written on her face.

He didn't speak neither she forced him.
She put her head on his shoulder and took his hand in her's.

Moments passed with them sitting like this.

After a long pause he sighed and spoke.

" You know who these children are?"
He said pointing at picture. Tooba shoke her head.

"These are my friends from orphanage!"
Rehab said in a deep thinking.


He nodded.

"Let me tell you a story!! Will you listen?"

She said caressing his cheek with her palm.

"There was a family! Happy and contented! like normal families. That family was comprising of a handsome man and a beautiful lady with their one 6 years old son. Man was lawyer while the lady was doctor. One day he got some information about a gang who used to do illegal business.  He started searching about them and his research got to that extent that he can bring those gangsters behind the bars with a snap of fingers. He started getting threats that they will kill his family but still he didn't retreat back.  One day that man went to office like normal days but didn't come. That day he went to police station to make the police arrest those monsters but he didn't know that luck was not on his side that day. Police trapped him and took him to those monsters warehouse saying that they are going to arrest them but when they came face to face with them they declared that we have brought your enemy and our job is fulfilled. That gangster gave a heavy amount to the police officers and they left that man alone with those heartless monsters.
They offered him money and that too a heavy amount but he was an honest man. Instead of betraying his country he choose to die for his country. That gang was involved in human trafficking, girls smuggling, drug dealing, wine selling and all other illegal business. That day they killed that man and later burned his body!"
He stopped.
Tooba gasped looking at him.
Tears were making her face damp. She was feeling the pain which was in the story.

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