Chapter 02

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Rose's POV
I facepalmed myself before looking into the picture,my best friend Daisy was about to post as an Instagram story. "Oh come on,you look cute,shut up"said Daisy,clicking the 'post' button attempting to post the story. "Are you kidding me? Just see how much of an asshole I'm looking!" I replied snatching her phone,but it was too late. Some guy named, Eran already saw it. "Ugh" I groaned,giving her a stern look as she ran away. "I love you too" she said,sticking her tongue out.

Well, I've always had a number of different problems in my life. But despite all of life's attempts to kill me, here I am, still alive, healthy, and happy.

Chaotic family drama-check, traumatic childhood, over protective sibling-double double double check, life threatening disease-check, past boyfriend drama-check.

Chaotic family drama. So, my grandmother has got huge issues with my mother and me. If there's someone in this world whom I terribly wanna push down the cliff it's most definitely going to be her. She creates unnecessary dramas to ruin mine and my mother's impression in my father's mind. Which obviously leads to huge arguments between them. They had even reached the verge of getting a divorce.

I am greatly despised by my grandmother. My father's younger sister, my aunt, was everything to me. She was truly my best friend, my guide and I had no idea what I would do with my life without her. When I learned that she had blood cancer and wouldn't be surviving this time around, I was in sixth grade. It turned out that everyone had known from the beginning, and since I was a child, this is why it had been kept a secret from me. I remember her calling for me in her hospital room and held my hands just before she died away. She spoke to me briefly despite being really ill and feeble, spending her dying minutes with me.

This led to my grandmother starting to dislike me. She feels as though I snatched the final minutes she had with her daughter while she was still alive and that as a result, she would never be able to speak to her again. So, yes, shortly thereafter, I suffered abuse. She used to lock me in at late nights, starving me in our home's filthy, vacant storage room, which was home to countless rats and roaches. My parents used to frequently travel outside of the nation, so they were unaware of the fact that I was going through hell.

Whenever she got into a quarrel with my grandfather, she used to beat me up, pull my hair, and drag me about on the dirty floor. She used to use me as an outlet for all of her repressed angst. She made me afraid that if I spoke, she would kill me, so I never had the confidence to discuss this with my grandfather or parents. Let's just say that my early years were dreadful.

The relationship between mine and my older brother isn't the most loveliest. I dislike him and its not secret that even I'm hated by him. He never leaves any opportunity to go and insult me in front of my family and friends. The most bothersome thing is that I'm never able to hang out with my male friends since my family forbids it because I come from an extremely conservative home. My brother used to take advantage about this fact he would just either go and tell mum or text those boys to stay the hell away from me.

I have been suffering from Leukemia since a year now, and things arent being easy on me at all. It's not very pleasant to wake up every day with hurting teeth, bleeding gums, and a bloody mouth, followed by excruciating pain all throughout my body. But I think if a routine is continuously repeated throughout a person's life, they should become accustomed to it. So I developed coping mechanisms. Yet my cousin sister, Veronica is totally obsessed with me and she keeps on crying at any occurance of this disease. She cares for me as though I'm a child or something and loves me more than my mother. Without Veronica in my life, I don't know how I would have been surviving through this ordeal. She means the world to me.

My past boyfriend drama? Previously, I was in two relationships. The first one was going well, and I can say that I still kind of have a soft corner for him since, of course, he was my first love, and it will be difficult to get over him. Samuel and I were together for four years, but he had other aspirations. He soon changed schools and pursued his career since he wanted to become a pilot. I won't lie, I'm incredibly proud of him. We broke up because, in my opinion, we were both really immature, and he started to ignore me and used to block me for months on the pretext of getting caught.

My second relationship. Oh lord! It was a disaster. Trivial issues were sufficient enough for my ex to attack and abuse me. He used to stage ridiculous, dramatic scenes on the streets in front of the public, portraying me as such an annoying and controlling girlfriend whenever I sought to leave this utterly unhealthy relationship.

The reason why me and Kam broke up was because my bestfriend had recorded vile videos of me with my past male bestfriend, Mark who was also Kam's friend. Me and Mark were very close. He used to take care of me as if I was his own sister and I looked up to him because he would solve any issues of mine and help me in my life. He was aware of mine and Kam's toxic relationship but I would dismiss him every time because I was so blindly in love with him.

So Farah, my so called bestfriend made fake videos and sent it to him and Kam confronted me in my own terrace and beat me up as a punishment for cheating on him. Turned out that Farah and Kam were in cahoots and they planned it before just to get rid of me because Kam was cheating on me and he needed a reason to break up with me. I was devasted as I lost my bestfriend and the love of my life on the same very day. I lost the trust over the words, 'best friend' and 'love'.

I was done with him anyways, but for he sake of 'love' , I stayed. In the sincere hope that he would recognize my efforts and love for him, I attempted to be more understanding, sympathetic, and polite toward him. Even after enduring all the hardships and everything, there was still a glimmer of hope for us in my heart.

Because of my horrible past incidents, I had to shift to another city. My parents witnessed me getting sick and depressed, as hell, day by day. After few months, I found Daisy in my English class who was shell shocked seeing my condition. We already knew each other, since she was the ex girlfriend of my ex's best friend. Complicated much?

Daisy was always a sweetheart to me, back then, we used to meet after every other day ,because of our classes. After I moved out, I disconnected connections with everyone I knew and after about six months, I got to see her back again in one of our class. I obviously didn't trust her in the beginning, but later, we became really good friends. She's so selfless and the most beautiful by heart person I have ever seen.

"You coming?" asked Daisy, snapping me out of my deep thoughts. I placed my handbag to the other shoulder and continued to walk towards home. I left Daisy off at her house after much chitchat and gossip about the most pointless and irrelevant topics and started to walk towards my place. The weather was really hot today. My hair scarf flowed in all directions as the heat fell directly on my face, encircling it in warm air and warming it. My parched throat was assaulted by intense thirst as I yearned for a sip of cold water. Sweat trickled down my face as I gave off a big sigh of relief at the sight of my house.

I yelled, "Mom, I'm home," opening my heels and making my way to my room while feeling worn out and exhausted. Due to the frequent business trips that my father and mum take, it is exceedingly uncommon to find and see my mother at home. She would be leaving for China again, in a few days.

I was instantly greeted by the presence of this weird, yet most wanted soul in my room, of my sister, Veronica. "Shut up, I know you missed me, now hand me over your phone" her most asked wish. I rolled my eyes, and threw my phone towards her. She is another important aspect of my life, my cousin, my enemy, my best friend, all in one. We basically grew up together and are two crazy girls, enough to drive the whole house mad.

I plopped on my bed, beside her as she scrolled through my Instagram, checking out different male models or her favorite Harry Potter casts. As she scrolled more, she came up to an account which came as a suggested ID to follow. "Hey, hang on" I said, as I took the phone from her, trying to stalk the person's ID, but sadly it was a private account.

I felt as if I was enchanted by the profile picture because it was so gorgeous. Seeing this charming guy, a smile began to play across my face.

His name read Eran.

To be continued

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