Chapter 27: where Emily pranks Chris

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Emily's P.O.V

I tried opening my eyes slowly. First thing I saw was white ceiling, while curtains. Where am I? Fuck. I remembered, I met with an accident. My car was hit by another car in where Georgia was driving. I could clearly see her face. Where is everyone? For how many...

Just then doctor and Chris came in the room. I was so relieved to see Chris. But then I had some idea to prank Chris that I have amnesia and I don't remember him. It would be for few minutes but still.

"Ms Collins how are you feeling?"

"I am okay. What happened to me?"

"You dont remember anything?"

"No." I lied.

"Well you met with an accident. There was a head injury. You were unconsciousnes for a day."

"Oh my god. By the way who is this guy?" I asked pointing towards Chris.

All this time Chris had scared expression on his face. And the moment I asked this question, he lost colour of his face. I wanted to laugh but I controlled. Few more minutes Chris.

"You dont remember me Em? I am your boyfriend, Chris. Baby please say you are kidding. I cant lose you." Chris started panicking.

"Excuse me, I dont know you."

"Ms Collins do you remember your family?"

"Yes I do. I have mom, dad and a younger sister."

Doctor nodded while Chris was just staring at me.

"I am sorry to say Mr Knight but Emily has temporary amnesia. That means she has forgotten people and things whom she met in last 5-6 months."

"Can this be cured any how?" Chris asked.

"I am afraid it cant be."

"Emily try to think baby. You will remember me. We had so much fun together. Please don't do this to me. What will I do without you?" By this time Chris started sobbing.

Now I couldnt take it anymore. So I decided to speak up.

"Well, you can do something to help me remember you.'' I said to him.

He shot up, "Yes yes. What should I do? I can do anything. You just say the word."

"You have to give me two icecreams." I said sheepishly, smiling a little.

"Yes I will just....." He stopped in midway.

"You r-remember me?" Chris asked me soflty.

"How can I forget the love of my life?" I asked.

"God Em. You nearly killed me. Please never means never do this to me again. I cant live without you Emily. Please promise me now that you are not going to leave me ever. How can you even think of pranking me such bad Em?"

"Chris. Shushh. Stop okay? I am not going anywhere leaving you. But there is one thing I want to tell you." I said remembering Georgia thing.

"Yes Em. What is it?" He asked holding my hand.

"I saw who hit my car."

"You mean to say it was deliberate thing. It wasnt an accident?! Who was it? Tell me, I am gonna kill that person."

"Georgia." I said.

"What?!! Really Em.. Holy shit. I am not gonna leave her without puting her behind the bars."

"Chris you doing so much for me I dont know how...."

I was interrupted as Chris kissed me. Gosh I missed those lips. I kissed him back softly. I could never get tired of kissing him.

"Em, I love you. I will do anything and everything to keep you happy and safe, you get that?" Chris said it firmly.

"I love you too."

Chris placed a soft kiss on my forehead.

"You need to rest. I will be outside if you need anything, press this button."

I nodded and went back to sleep.

Chris P.O.V

I came out in the corridor and sat on bench. Georgia!! How dare she hurt Em like this. Now she will know when Christopher Knight becomes bad what happens.

I dialled my friend's number. He is a police officer.

"Hey John. How are you?"

"Hi Chris. I am good. How come you call me today?"

"Actually my girlfriend was targeted by Georgia you know her right?"

"Yeah I know her. What did she do?"

"Georgia hit Emily with car. Emily met with an accident. You have to put Georgia behind the bars."

"I would need statememt of Emily and also I will check CCTV footage of that street."

"Okay, thanks. But get it done today itself. I want Georgia in jail by tonight."

"Yes Chris. I will get into it."

We hung up. And I thanked god to save my Emily. She means everything to me.

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