Chapter 28: the where Chris leaves

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Emily's P.O.V

I was recovering from my injury. I was given discharged after two days. But I have been told to bedrest for a week. My parents and Anna have been taking care of me. And my man Chris was yet again proving to be best boyfriend of the world. He visits me daily. Everyday he comes he brings me books, choclate, flowers, donuts and everything I love. Yesterday I told him not to do this. I will become a spoiled girlfriend. And this is what he said
"Em, I want to spoil you. You deserve everything which makes you happy."

Gosh he is so good. I can't believe how I got so lucky to have him.

Right now he was coming, he told on phone that he has to tell something. I wonder what?

Just then Chris entered my room, I smiled at him, "Hey handsome."

"Hey gorgeous. How are you ?"

"I am good now. I am even going to office tomorrow. And I have asked the doctor."

He sat on bed opposite to me.

"But you have to be careful. Anything happens, means anything you have to call me. You get that Em?"

"Yes sir!" I laughed.

"Okay, what did you want to tell me? I asked.

"Yes that Em, actually I need to go to Australia for a month for some office work." He said.

For few seconds I kept staring at him.

"What?! Really? Chris one month is so long. And that to Australia so far away." Tears rolled down my cheeks.

I hugged him tightly thinking of never letting him go. He also wrapped his hands around my body very tightly. Noo he cant go for so long.

"Do you really have to go? Cant someone else go?" I asked pleadingly.

"I am sorry to say sweetheart. But I need to go. It is very important Em."

He caressed my cheek. He placed kisses on my cheek, eyes, forehead, lips, neck. I grabbed his hair. Chris smiled against my lips. He held my both hands above my head, his other hand went from my waist to butt giving it a nice sqeeze while he kissed me harder. His kiss held possessivenss. And he smelled so heavenly good. We pulled away, smiling at each other.

"You can go on one condition Mr. Knight. You have to face time me every night. No excuses. No matter how much work you have, you have to make time for your girlfriend. Am I making myself clear?" I narrowed my eyes.

"Yes Em. I will face time you every night no matter what. You look cute when you are bossy. I will miss you."

"I will miss you too. When do you have to leave?"

"Tomorrow night."

"So early Chris? Why?" I burried my head in his chest.

Chris just kept caressing my hair.

"Chris, now you must be thinking of me as a clingy girlfriend, dont you?"

Chris burst into laughter after hearing this.

"Em, how do you think so much? Like your brain is super fast. But it is super wrong too. Why would I think of you as a clingy girlfriend while I am loving this. I love you and I love when you do all this."

"I am going to drop you off the airport."

He nodded and pecked my forehead.

We cuddled for sometime and then he said he had to pack so he left.

Next day:

Chris's P.O.V

I came down with my suitcase and other belongings. Mom, dad and Sophia were waiting for me.

I hugged my mom, "Chris one month?!"

"Yes mom. ."

"Son you take care of your self. We will be good here." My dad said while hugging me.

"Yes dad."

Then I came to my little sister Sophia, I know she must me the most emotional.

"Hey Soph." I said softly grabbing her hands.

"Chris." She said with teary eyes.

"Come here you girl." I pulled her into a bone crushing hug.

"I am going to miss you big bro." She smiled a little.

"Me too. What do you want from Australia?" I asked her to lighten up her mood.

"Nothing. Just you come back soon."

"That doesnt sound like Sophia Knight. Are you her twin?" I ask her jokingly.

"No. I am not anyone's twin. And just when I start to act little mature you have to say such things to make me feel like I am a teenager."

"You are my little sister okay? You dont have to act mature with me. You will always be my baby sis. Now email me the list what you want."

"The list will be bigger now." Soph chuckled.

"I will be honoured." I bowed in front of her.

We hugged again. I gave her her peck on forehead.

I was going to the airport. Emily was going to meet over there directly.
I got down, airline staff took my luggage. And there I see Emily coming towards me.

"Hey!!" I said.



"So I am here to bid you goodbye which is very hard for me."

"Oh Em come here."

I took her into hug.

I crashed my lips on her. She responded me with equal passion. We kissed for few minutes before we pulled away. I placed a lingering kiss on her forehead.

"I am gonna miss this." She sobbed.

"Em!! You are going to say goodbye to me with teary eyes. Nooo I dont want that."

I wiped away her tears while controlling myself not to cry.

"Okay now go. Its time for your flight." She said.

I nodded and gave her one last peck before I left to Australia.

Gosh I am gonna miss her!!

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