chapter 61

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" You glow differently when you are actually happy."

Author's p.o.v

It's been a month of Haider  and  Minahil returning back to their homes. Both got back to their lives. Haider went back to his hilarious type but now he offers salah 5 times a day and also recites  Qur'an.  Now he smiles looking at Minahil. Now asfandyar's topic doesn't bother him as before cause now he believes on Allah and his love that if she is his then he will surely be  granted with her cause there is no suppletion of him where he didn't ask Allah for her.

Everyone was happy looking at this change in Haider.

Neha and Zaroon got back to normal cause he doesn't talk about Nimra anymore and treat Neha as before cause she used to stay awake with him in hospital whole day and night.


It was a gloomy afternoon.

Saim took Ramza with him to hospital cause she was not well.

Yusha  and Zaroon were at warehouse while Neha went to her friend's house.

Tooba and Rehab were playing ludo in their room which was more a fight.

Haider was sitting on a bench in garden munching on almonds and playing game in his phone.

"Why too many voices are coming from outside? Birthday songs are playing. Is someone's birthday today?"
Ibtihaj said sitting besdie Haider and raised his head to hear from where voices were coming.



"To you's!!"

"What???"To you? What kind of name this is? Is he someone new in society?"

Ibtihaj asked confused.

"I don't know but they are shouting from so long happy birthday to youuuhhh!!"
Haider said casually still engrossed in his game and munching on almonds.

Ibtihaj' s mouth fell opened.

"Did he just made fool out of me?"
He murmured to himself.

He looked here and there and his gaze fell on a tiny stone. He smirked looking at it and took it.

Haider was so into his phone that he didn't notice what ibtihaj was doing.

Haider stretched his hand to took almond but ibtihaj gave that stone in his hand and Haider being engrossed in his phone didn't notice what he was about to chew.

As soon as he tried to chew his so cold almond a piercing  scream was heard by the people living in their neighbourhood.


Haider and Ibtihaj were passing by garden after coming back from dentist's clinic when suddenly something fell hard on Ibtihaj smacking  his head.

"What the hell??"
Ibtihaj shouted.

Haider burst into laughter looking at the ludo board which hit Ibtihaj.

"Well you deserved it!! Look this ludo board hates you  even!!"
Haider said dramatically raising his collar.

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