Chapter 5

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"Yah Gucci stop biting me!" Tzuyu reprimanded her dog.

The white and gray dog stopped and settled on its bed. Tzuyu bid her last goodbye to the dog before she stepped out of her room and then drove her way to the hospital.

"Goodmorning Dr. Yun I'm the new intern. I was assigned to assist you in the JS today." Tzuyu politely informed the doctor.

"I see. I was already informed by Dr. Minatozaki a while ago before her surgery started. She said it will serve as punishment for you." The doctor chuckled.

Tzuyu shook her head and smiled slightly. "Well doctor I have no right to complain to her. I assume you certainly know her."

"That's the way she is, very professional and dedicated. You can learn a lot from her." He said.

"Ne ouisa." Tzuyu politely bowed her head for a response.

"I will just put my coat on and grab my stethoscope, i will be in the JS in a minute." The doctor tapped Tzuyu's shoulder and left.

"Tzuyu-yah!" Someone called her.

Tzuyu then turned to see Jihyo walking towards her. It seemed like the nurse had just arrived like her.

"I heard you will be assisting the doctors in the ER today? Goodluck with JS patients." Jihyo teased.

Tzuyu shrugged. "Pray for me."

The two went ahead walking their way thru the staff room before the restless day starts.


Tzuyu's POV

"Doctor a truck hit a motorbike at seven in the morning. The motorist patient was unconscious, has unstable vital signs and dislocated his pelvis." Hyunnie explained.

Dr. Yun nodded and examined the patient closely. "Dr. Chou bring the defibrillator pali!" He ordered.

I ran as fast as I can. "Here doctor."

Dr. Yun performed Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation as best as he can. I was in awe watching him.

"He's back. Vital signs normal." I said. Dr. Yun stopped catching his breath.

"Next is his pelvis. Give me a sheet." I quickly gave it to him.

The doctor tied the sheet on both sides of the bed tightly then he positioned himself near the patient. Pulled dislocated pelvis back to its place.

"Any other problem?" He asked. I shook my head for a response.

"Alright then. He's okay for now but be sure to prepare his CT scan." He said and checked the other patients.

I sighed in relief. So that's how my day started.

When my gaze turned to Seolhyun who's also with a patient she raised a thumbs up. I smiled. Then I decided to assist patients.

Suddenly a child came approaching me. I kneeled in the same level as her and asked. "Wae? Are you not feeling ok?" The boy pointed his stomach.

I was saddened by his response because no one seemed to notice the boy's pain. "Are your parents with you? Lie down here." I gestured him to lie on the bed.

When the boy was settled he called for his mom who was on the phone earlier. "I will call a specialized doctor, please wait here a moment little man." I excused myself and look for Dr. Yun.

I then saw the doctor in charge with a patient whose unstable. So clearly I have to be in charge with the boy again. I went back to the boy and pressed his stomach he whimpered in pain. I also noticed how white and sweaty the boy is.

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