Chapter 5: Girl and Rabbit man

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What she changes into

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What she changes into

    I didn't sleep that much that night before the nightmares came and I woke up with a sweat. Αστέρι  was in her bed, but looking at me, I get out of bed and move around trying to figure out what to do. I didn't want to explore the house in case I get lost and have to wake everyone up, so I take my keyboard out and turn it down before I start working on a song. When I get bored of that, I put it under the bed where I found a trap door and put it in there. Then explore the rest of my room, looking for more secret doors and cabinets.

      It's not long before I get bored and decide to go outside and explore the city, Yes I know that it's a bad idea, but it can't be worse than New York. I grab my collapsible cane, then braid my hair and put some silver and celestial bronze daggers inside. I arrange the pillows to look like a person laying then used the Mist to make it look like me, then open the world down and use one of those pipes to get down. When I'm on the ground, I climb a tree with its branches hanging over the fence and jump to the ground. I walk down the street and even in a few alleyways before I hear a scream that gets cut off to soon, I immediately start running in that direction before I turn in the alley. I use the vapor in the air to see three male figures in-front of a small male or female figure. I silently walk behind them so I can hear what their saying.

      "Come on girly, it'll feel good and afterwards we'll be sure to take you home and you can forget us." One male said and the others leered in agreement and started pulling on her clothes. I heard a whimpering and the girl shook her head.

      "Come on girly, you don't have to be afraid." at this point I had enough so I walked closer and said.

      "I think it's time that you leave, it's clear that the girl doesn't want you and even if she did, she's still to young." they jump a little, then turned around and laughed after a few seconds.

      "You can join in to if you want girly." they leered and I gritted my teeth in disgust. I then feel a presence on the roof in front, but they didn't do anything. Well, if whoever is on the roof doesn't want to help, then I guess I'm on my own. I think and twirl my cane around my fingers.

      "Yeah, no. What I do want is for you to leave the girl alone and register yourselves as pedophiles." I say and they full on laugh.

     "Well girly, not everyone gets what they want." the guy on the left says and they start to walk to me.

      "No they don't." I say and get in a defensive stance and wait til they are a few feet away til I attack, I jab the thug on the right in the gut with the butt of the cane and duck a punch from Middy who gets hit by lefty. Righty gets back up and runs to me, but I flip backwards and double kick him in the chest where he hits the wall hard. I go to make sure he isn't dead when one of the others wrap their arms around me, I head butt him, then elbow him in the gut and grab his arm to flip him over and use the pressure point in his neck to knock him out. I look up at Lefty to sense him running away I aim and throw my cane at him hard enough to knock him out and he crumbled to the ground. 

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