Chapter 8

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~Victoria's POV

I walk over to where everyone is and take a seat on the same sofa as Xavior. I'm waiting for Xavior to answer. Jessica speaks up. "So? Who is she? Because according to the tabs, you have been in a relationship with her for months?"

I sit there in shock as I look at my best friend for knowing all of this information.

Xavior speaks up to everyone "The whole situation with Amber was business only, our fathers thought that it would be best for our company if we merged two powerful names together. There was never love, just lust for power, but I was never interested in it because my heart belonged to someone else"

He turns his head towards me at the last sentence and winks, I look down to hid my smile, but I'm sure everyone saw it.

My mom gets up and speaks "I'm going to lie down, Xavior please stay over for dinner, I'd love to get to know you more" she smiles

My mom leaves the room and Jessica speaks up again, but this time, it's directed at me. "You know Victoria, this man" she says pointing to Xavior. "I don't think that you want to be fooling around with him, he sends off dangerous vibes and I'm pretty sure you feel it to."

"I know, I believe that his family belongs to mafias" Xavior's head shoots up to me. "How'd you know?" he asks me. I look up at him. "My father's journals."
Both Jessica and Xavior looks at me with interest as they lean in as if I'm about to tell a huge secret.

All eyes are focused on me as they wait for me to explain what I had just said. "Four years ago, I was looking through my father's things, just to remind me that he was still with me. I found a book when I was searching through the boxes."

"I read through it and saw your family as well as many others names in the book. It explained how mafias worked, what your family did and who was the next "heir to the throne". There where a few pages torn out of the book, but the only names I remembered are the Clark's and the Knights. "

I look to Xavior and see that he's deep in thought. I look to Jessica and see that she is shocked. " I didn't tell anyone about the book because I was scared that someone might try and hurt me for it, the whole shooting five years ago was apparently caused by the knights, I never told a soul about it until today. I wanted to forget about it so I buried the book and I can't remember where it is. "

Xavior speaks up after a couple of seconds " I just don't understand how your father had the capability to contain such information. What did your father do for a living? "

I try to remember what he did but I couldn't." I don't know exactly what he did because he never spoke about his job, all I know is that he said it was very boring and that it would put me to sleep if he ever had to speak about his work."

I say in all honesty, Jessica speaks up. "All of this is just fucked up, Victoria, you really don't wanna get mixed up in all this business."

Xavior looks angrily at Jess. "What's that supposed to mean? You don't think I can protect her?" I see his nose flare up in anger, he's gritting his teeth so hard it's almost painful to watch.

I see Jessica shrink in fear. I move closer to Xavior and put my hand on his arm to help calm him down. He calms down immediately after. I feel so much power in the moment.

I look at him and tell him it's alright. He speaks up again in a calm manner but I can tell that he's still angry. "You are going to move in with me and that's final." he states standing up.

I look at him in disbelief, I stand up to, but I have to look up since he's incredibly tall. "You cannot force me to move in with you! I barely even know you!" I say shocked.

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