Chapter 62

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" You like rain,
And I like rain when I have you!
You like to smile,
And I like smiling you!
You like to speak,
And I like speaking you!
You like everything,
And I like You!!!"

Author's p.o.v

A week passed by blur.

It was mid night when Neha was sitting on kitchen counter eating chocolate cake.

"Ummm!!! These mid night cravings!!"
She moaned while eating.

After eating whole piece she was about to jump down when she heard footsteps.

"Crap!!! If it's Haider then I am dead. He won't spare me for eating his cake."
She said to herself and hide behind counter after getting down.

She was sitting in corner with her back  leaning on wall.

"Where the Jahunnum my piece of cake went?"
She heard him graoning and in a mere second she recognized the voice.
She closed her eyes and put her palm on her mouth to stop her steady breathing.

Zaroon felt someone's presence in kitchen.

He turned around and saw here and here but couldn't find anyone.

He marched towards kitchen door when his eyes landed on a small frame sitting in corner.

"Who could be here at this time??"
He whispered to himself and started taking steps towards that frame.

His eyes widened when he saw her face.

Neha quickly took her palm off of her mouth.

"Get up!!"
He said stretching his palm towards her but she didn't take it and stood up straightening her shirt and duppata.

"What are you doing here at this time?"
Neha, whose face was lowered raised her head on his question.

Just then Zaroon controlled his laugh seeing chocolate all over her lips and mouth.

"So you ate my cake??"
He said raising brow.

"I.. um I am sorry. I thought it was Haider's!!"
She said looking here and there.

"But it was mine!!"

" Sorry!!"

"I want my cake!!"

"I will make it for you in morning."

"But I wanted to eat it now."

"I am sorry!!"

"You sorry can't put things back to their previous place Neha!!"
He said sighing heavily.

Neha cut a glance at him and saw his tired face.

She didn't say anything but started taking steps towards door flipping her duppata on her shoulder.

She took two steps but they halted listening his voice.

"Kya sambhalogi tum mery dil ko jab yh aanchal sambhalta nahi hai??"

(How will you take care of my heart when you can't manage this veil of yours?)

She froze at her place upon hearing his words.

After some moments she turned around and saw her duppata being spread all over his face and head.

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