Opposites Attract

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Eran's POV
"It's literally only only 8 a.m, who is on the door at this time?" I yelled while squinting as my eyes were strained from lack of sleep. Beside me was Ian who was tying very hard to open his eyes as he snarled, dealing with equally excruciating circumstances when I finally struggled to sit up. He eventually got up and went to check the door as I grabbed my phone from the night stand. When I signed into Instagram to check the feed, the image of that enigmatic girl immediately came to mind. I hastily hurried to Daisy's profile, but was met with sheer disappointment when I saw that the picture of that beauty had been deleted after the Instagram story's time limit had unfortunately expired.

I sighed in annoyance knowing that my sleep was finished because of the 8am person and now this. Lucky for me, one of my friends knew Daisy, making it easier for me to find her out. But, there's a slight issue. Going up and having a direct conversation with a girl was completely out of my league and something I can't even image in my wildest dreams because I'm sort of a shy person when it comes to these 'girls' issues and also because my giant ego won't really let me knock her.

After a lot of attempts and going through a bunch of IDs of useless people Daisy follows, I finally came across to an Instagram ID whose profile picture resembled her but slightly different. A beautiful difference though. She was wearing a scarf over her long, luscious hair in the first photo I saw of her, letting only a few hair strands out, however in this photo her long raven black hair was open.

God, she's so beautiful.

Her name read Rose, and although it might sound strange, I have personally never encountered a person with her name outside of Rose from Titanic. Kudos to her, I could immediately feel my interest growing in her. My mood begins to improve as I realize how absorbed I had become in her image before it all abruptly came to an end and my smile disappeared. My phone began to vibrate and as I picked up the call, Mary's piercing voice rings through my phone. Without a second thought, I hung up on her, blocking the number.

Why can't she leave me alone? I mean, I clearly told her maybe a million times that I was done with her, still she has to linger around me. Moreover, is she high on drugs at the moment? Who the hell calls someone this early in the morning?

The moment I saw this horrible name on my phone, my blood started to boil. She has thousands of numbers that I've blocked, and I'm genuinely curious where she gets these new ones every day. I swear to God, I have no idea why she has been pursuing me for such a long period. When I traveled to Italy this summer for one of my football tournaments, she was there, doing what she always does. Texting me continuously, calling me and annoying the living daylights out of me.

Even after she was exposed, she still had the nerve to send me repulsive images of herself and make demands for gifts when I was in Italy. I just can't believe it given everything that has happened since that day. Since I was the top football player at my school and also a lady's dream, there was no question that anyone would sacrifice anything to be my girlfriend. It was a matter of huge pride or a success of winning a challenge for any girl if they managed to be my girlfriend. It used to hurt me at some point, since none of them were interested in getting to know the real me or what I wanted. They were only concerned with how popular and attractive I was.

But I've never been into these transient things. I had always yearned for an open relationship, true love, and a genuine magical sensation that would cause my stomach to perform many flips whenever the particular person was in front of me.

I prayed dearly to God to bless me with this kind of an angel, who would keep my heart happy. I don't need any gifts, a continuous hour-long chat, or anything else. I just needed an assurance to my heart of her being trustworthy and just to be there for me after a long exhausting day.

I don't need someone who will constantly apply lipstick and occasionally smack her lips, or who would actually be covered in pungent fragrance. I detest girls that smell like they just took a perfumed bath. It gives me the worst stomachache and headaches. Knowing how much I hate these, Mary used to enjoy doing them.

Rose's POV
I was actually kind of enjoying today. Since scent is one of my favorite things, I wore a lot of perfume today. I don't know why, but I absolutely adore dousing myself in perfume because it makes me feel so nice and fresh. But at the moment, I was growing increasingly furious since I had been waiting for Richard and Daisy to arrive to my coaching gates for fifteen minutes, which felt like fifteen hours.

Richard was the person I had been strongly crushing since a month now, because of all the three qualities I always look for in a guy since childhood, was seriously fulfilled by him. Guys with good silky hair, brown eyes and an intoxicating voice are my type. Which I'm totally aware that it is not possible for these three qualities to be present in a guy altogether.

Richard seemed to like me as well judging on his movements and endearing gestures. Every single day after class, he would wait for me, pull the chair for me to sit in, text me constantly, and whenever we would meet, he would bring my favorite drink with the justification that he had been exploring the store and had decided to get it just for us.

Everything was going on good, but for some reason I didn't feel it. Anytime I wanted to see Richard and I as a couple, something was still off. I'm not sure if it was because of my bad history or if there was just something about him that didn't feel right. Perhaps this was because I wasn't really prepared to embrace a brand-new relationship and devote all of my intense feelings to it, along with a lot of time and attention.

"Hi" said Daisy, bringing me out of my thoughts. "You are late!" "I was soo caught up with some other chores, let's go now?" answered Daisy, as I nodded. I peered out the gate once more in the hopes that he would arrive as she sighed and turned me around, "He won't be arriving" Daisy remarked.


"I wonder why" I said normally not to come off as desperate as it already seemed, fiddling with the pop-socket of my phone, as if it was something so interesting. "I don't know, he just texted me" she replied casually looking through her phone. We then argued some more about the most absurd things we are known for before gathering the confidence to enter the classroom and face the challenging tasks and assignments set by our English teacher.

To be continued

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