Chapter 30: the one where they tour

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Emily's P.O.V

We had breakfast in our room. Now we were getting ready to do sight seeing. I was so excited. I have been to Australia when I was very young so obviously I dont remember. And ofcourse touring with Chris will be memorable.

I wore a offshoulder top and black shorts. While Chris was wearing grey shirt and torn jeans.

 While Chris was wearing grey shirt and torn jeans

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"You look lovely babe

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"You look lovely babe." Chris pecked me.

"You dont look bad yourself." I smirked.

"Shall we?"

"Yes. I am so excited." I grinned.

First destination was the Sydney Opera House. It was very graceful building, shaped like shells, perches on a finger of land surrounded by water.

Then we went to Royal Botanic Garden. It was really so amazing. The highlight was Rose garden which includes 1800 roses. Now who doesnt love roses?

All the time we were roaming the streets our hands were interwined. It felt so good and content to spend time with Chris after so many days.

Now we were having lunch at one of the local cafes. We placed our orders and were waiting for foods.

"I am feeling so good today Em. Because I have spend time with you. You literally have some magic in you."

"Likewise Chris. I am very happy too."

"So how is the work going here?"

"It is going pretty well. Almost work is done. But one client is left. He is not in Australia right now. He will be coming after 2 days. So after meeting with him everything will get over."

"Thats good. Sofia must be missing you a lot right?"

"Yes. I miss her too. She is the life of a place. And you know when......" He stopped.

"What happened?"

Chris was looking at something behind me.

"Thats Ryan!" He pointed at a guy probably in  college.

"Who is he?" I didnt remember Chris mentioning him before.

"He is Sophia's ex boyfriend."

"What! Sophia had a boyfriend?!" I said surprised.

"Why is it so hard to believe? She is beautiful, intelligent." Chris said.

"It is not hard to believe because of her. It is because of you. You are so very overprotective about her and yet she managed to have a boyfriend."

"Very funny. But he proved to be a bastard. He cheated on her. He told that he was with her just because she was my sister means she was rich. Bastard."

"I feel so sorry for Sophia."

"I am going to talk with him right now."

"Chris wait." But I was too late he already went towards Ryan.

When Chris reached Ryan, he punched him in his face. Blood oozed from Ryan's nose. Chris grabbed Ryan by his collar and slapped him across the face. I have to stop him otherwise we will see a dead body of Ryan.

"Chris stop! You are going to kill him"

I grabbed his arm but he didnt bother to pay any heed.

"What the hell is wrong with you ?" Ryan shouted and thats when Chris stopped.

Okay, now people were looking at this mess.

"What is wrong with me? You hurt my sister. And anyone who hurt my sister deserves this. You fucking lying bastard."

"Just shut the fuck up okay. Your sister was no good. She even didnt let me have sex with her. Why the hell will I be with her?."

"One word you say about her, you will be a dead body." I gritted in anger.

"Chris lets go from here. Please Chris."
I took him back to the cafe.

We sat in our place. No one talked. He was still in his angry mode. And I was scared to talk because of his anger.

"Em I am sorry. You had to see all this. It is just that I cant bear to hear anyone say anything ill about Sophia or anyone in my family."

"Its okay Chris. It's just that I got a little scared by your angry mode." I said softly.

He placed his hands on mine and said, "You dont need to be scared Em, I would never hurt you."

"I know." I smiled.

"I love you." He said.

"I love you too."

Rest of the day, we toured, toured and toured. At night we got so tired, that the moment we set our feet in our room, we jumped on bed and went to sleep.


"Good morning sleepy head." I said to Chris when he woke up.

"Morning Em. What are you doing?"

"Getting ready. I have a flight to catch, remember?"

"Oh no. You are leaving?" He made a cute puppy face.

"Yes I am. I told you right?" I chuckled.

"Oh shit Em. I am so sorry I cant come to drop you off. I have a meeting right now."

"Oh thats okay. You need to go to work. "

"Em, I am really sorry." He came towards me and cupped my face.

"Chris thats alright. I am good. But I am going to miss you." I hugged him. He wrapped his one hand around my waist and with other hand he stroked my hair.

"Me too."

After that we shared a long kiss. Then he got ready too. Then I went to airport and he went to his company.

This Australia trip I wouldnt forget ever. With that thought I boarded my flight to New York.

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