Chapter 64 (LAST)

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"A human heart costs $442,000 and I gave you mine for free
meri jan!!❤"

Author's p.o.v

Days passed like hours and that  Friday arrived when  Neha looked in mirror as a bride.

Tooba, Zara were making Neha ready while Ramza and Nimra were with Minahil.

"Qazi sahab has arrived!!"
Saim said entering in room.

Neha felt her palms sweating and her heartbeats racing.

She knew Saim brought her up like her own father and he could never decide anything wrong for her so she didn't back out from nikkah and besides Zaroon was not taking any stand for her so there was no way out for her except this.

Tooba and Zara covered their heads while stretching Neha's veil.

Qazi sahab entered in room with Saim, Yusha, Rehab and Haider.

She looked up and glanced from her veil.

A lone tear slipped down to her cheek when she couldn't find Zaroon.

"Do you, Neha Qasim daughter of Qasim Khan accept Zaroon Altamash son of Altamash Khan as your husband as per 9 lacs haqmehar Neha??"

As soon as those words left qazi Sahab's mouth Neha felt her head pinning.

She raised her head and looked at Saim confused.

Saim smiled and came beside her.

"Just say " I do!!". Qazi sahab is waiting!!"
Saim kissed her head onto her veil.

Neha couldn't comprehend her own feelings.

Have you ever felt so close of losing  but suddenly you see a little spark in all that darkness? Have you ever witness the happiness of the child who liked a toy in market but someone else bought it but then give that back to shopkeeper so that you can buy it ?

Something like this were Neha's feelings. She was on the verge of lossing her love of life  but she didn't question her Allah for nor giving him her and still obeyed HIM and  look here Allah gave him her back with this much profit on it and that in her halal relationship!!
This is what happens to those who keep their belief and hopes only on Allah, the most merciful and beneficial!!

"I do!!"

"I do!!"

"I do!!"

Neha said and room filled with shouting and cheers.

Saim kissed her forehead and they all headed towards Zaroon's room.

"Do you Zaroon Altamash  son of Altamash Khan accept Neha Qasim daughter of  Qasim Khan as your wife as per haqmehar of 9 lacs??"
Qazi sahab said.

"I do!!"

"I do!!"

"I do!!"

Zaroon chirped smiling.

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