Chapter 9

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~Xavior's POV

I get home to see what the situation is about. It better be an emergency otherwise I am going to loose my shit because now I'm not with Victoria.

The guards let me in and I drive. I park my car in front of the house and I get out, I walk inside to see one of my guards jog towards me.

"What's going on?" I ask him as he stops in front of me. "Amber is here sir, with her father. They are in the office waiting for you sir." he finishes.

I clench my teeth and dismiss him. I walk angrily to my office to find out what they were doing in my home. I open the door and see Richard and Amber sitting on the two seats provided, in front of my desk.

They don't seem to hear me come in since they are deep in a conversation. I slam the door shut causing them both to jump in fright. I walk over to my desk and sit down on my seat. I intertwine my fingers on the table in front of me before looking at Richard.

"What do you want?" I ask in a dangerous tone. I just want them to leave as soon as possible. He begins by clearing his throat. "My daughter has informed me that you do not want to marry her" he states.

I almost laugh at him. "That is correct, I've grown bored of her, she brings nothing to the table and she complains to much and is clingy, she irritates me and I don't want to waste any more of my time with her." I say bluntly.

(Image of amber, brown hair, brown eyes, straight nose)

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(Image of amber, brown hair, brown eyes, straight nose)

Richard stays quiet and I see Amber getting upset." Daddy! Do something!" she yells at her father. Her father looks ahead and says nothing. She let's out a frustrated sigh before speaking up again." Daddy just wait in the car, I want to have a word with Mr Clark alone." she says while looking at me

Richard gets up to leave. He lowers his head at me as a sign of respect before leaving. When I hear the door close behind him, I turn my head towards Amber.

She looks at me with her seductive eyes trying to seduce me physically. I don't have time for this bullshit. She walks over to me and sits on my desk. The pencil skirt she has on rides up her thighs, a few days ago this would've turned me on, now it disgusts me.

She opens her legs and I see she's not wearing her panty. I get up and push her back on my desk. I stand in between her legs while she lays down. I place my hands on her neck and start tightening my grip.

I see her brown eyes widen in fear and I feel her body begin to panic. She tries using her nails to scratch my hands but I hold my grip

Before she passes out, I let go.
She gets up immediately and holds her throat, she takes in deep breaths of air before looking at me with tears in her eyes.

I look at her with no remorse. "Get the fuck out of my office and make sure you never get any where near me otherwise I'll kill you and send your head to your father. Do you understand."

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