Chapter 31: the one where Chris comes back

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Chris P.O.V

Today was my last day in Australia. And I have never been this happy to leave any country. Mom and dad recently shifted to Miami so I wouldnt meet them when I reach NYC. But there will be Sophia, Emily, Adam ,Jess and Bella.

I boarded my flight and was damn tired. So I went to sleep for all the duration of the flight.

I woke up by the noise of announcement. Flight was about to land in few minutes. It must be evening time in New York. Sophia was coming to pick me up. I missed her so much.

Flight landed, I took my luggage and went towards the airport exit. And the moment I exited, there I saw my little sister waving at me with huge smile on her face.

I quickly ran towards her and hugged her tightly.



"I missed you so much Chris."

"I missed you too."

"Come now, I will be driving you. I have got my driving license."

"Woah! Thats very good. Lets go."

All the time during the ride Sophia was talking non stop talking and I like a good big brother was intently listening to her.

When we reached home, first thing she asked, "Where is my gift?"

"Yes madam, you see that bag that is all yours." I said pointing at a brown bag.

Sophia quickly ran towards the bag. She opened the bag with full excitement, while I was just trying to suppress my laugh.

The moment she opened the bag, her expression turned into angry one. Ofcourse! That bag was filled with my office files which were of no importance to her.

She looked at me with annoyed face,
"Chris!!!" She shouted.

"Sophiaa!!" I mimicked her.

"Chris where is my gift?"

"Sophia I just said to you that bag is yours. It means that is your gift."

"Chris, I said to you that I dont want gift. But then you said that you are my big bro so you ought to bring gifts for me . And now you are doing this. Not fair." She explained to me in my voice. But irritation was evident in her tone.

"Okay okay my fiesty girl. The red bag is yours. Seriously take it."

She opened the red bag and her angry expression changed into happier one. That bag was really for her. It was filled with all the goodies she loves.

"Chris thank you. I love you." She hugged me.

"Oh I thought someone was angry with me few minutes ago."

"Oh that.. You know how your sister is right. But I love you my handsome, hot,big brother who is also very loving, caring,....."

"Stop stop. Stop buttering me or else I am gonna turn fat." I hugged her.

She laughed.

"Okay now I am going to Adam's house. I will be back by dinner."

"Okay. Bye. "


I rang the doorbell of Adam's house. Few seconds later Jess opened the door. When she saw me she looked surprised.

"Chris. What a pleasant surprise."

"Jess. How have you been?" I hugged her.

"I am good. Come in."

Adam was sitting on sofa doing some work probably on laptop.

"Hey man!" I said.

Adam looked up and grinned.

"Chris dude. You are finally here." We gave each other a bro hug.

"Chris sit. Would you like some wine?"

"Sure. By the way where is Bella?"

"Oh she is sleeping. But you can go and wake her up. Its almost time to wake her up." Said Jess.

"Okay I will go."

I went upstairs to Bella's room. Her room was all painted with different shades of pink. Some corners were filled with barbies, some with dolls, some with teddy bears. You name the toy and it was there.

I slowly went towards her cradle. She was so peacefully sleeping. God baby. But I am selfish I was gonna wake her up. You cant blame me. I missed her okay?

I slowly picked her in my arms. She stirred a bit in sleep. I called her name,

"Bella. Wake up. Look who's there to see you?"

By my voice she slowly opened her eyes. She tried to picture what was going on. And when she came to know I was there, she smiled widely. And started saying something in baby language which I coudnt understand.

"Hey baby girl. I missed you so much."
I gave a kiss on her both the cheeks.

She nodded and was smiling.

"Come on. Lets get you down."

I went downstairs and Adam and Jess were waiting for me with wine.

"Chris now she is able to walk little. You can put her down."

"Oh my god. Really babygirl?" I asked looking at Bella.

She started giggling.

I put her down carefully. And yes she started walking towards Adam.
I cant believe Bella has grown so much.

"How was Australia?" Adam asked as he siped his red wine.

"It was pretty good man. People were very hardworking, determimed. So it was easy. I even offered couple of employees to work here in New York. One has given his acceptance. Lets see about the other one."

"Thats very great. And I heard Emily came to see you there?"

"Yes man. That was the best day in Australia. She surprised me big. Tomorrow I am going to meet her."

"Thats so sweet of Emily." Jess said.

"I know. Its only you guys so I am telling that I am thinking of proposing her for marriage." I said slowly.

"Oh my god Chris." Jess jumped to hugged me.

I could always imagine Jessica like this.

"I am proud of you man" Adam chuckled.

"Yeah." I chuckled.

"Lets see when and how." I said while sipping my wine."

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