[8] Rumor Has It

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B O Y ' S

By fifth period Archer and I's relationship was properly outed, it seemed as if everyone knew of the two of us.

The dozens of girls that have dreams of Archer were most likely heartbroken and would stare at me with hatefully with daggers in their eyes, myself taking the "hottest" bachelor off the market.

Our game would only last around three months though, after Ryder is humiliated and Archer is heartbroken everything will return to normal.

However, for the time being, something tells me that these next few months will be quite interesting. I would probably have more fun than I ever truly did with Ryder, my relationship with Ryder artificial and too picturesque.

In each period of the day, I have received glares and whistles, Archer and I the center of everyone's attention. The attention isn't excruciating, but it is peculiar.

News surely travels fast in high school.

From merely overhearing people's conversations it had become obvious that rumors were coming up with the news of Archer and I dating, new information foreign to me being brought up and discussed.

People have been saying Archer only wants me because I'm easy, people are saying Archer's dating me because I threatened him, and nobody is saying that it's just a bad boy's game.

I thought talk was cheap, but then I realize that gossip is even cheaper. Everything simply turns into strings of lies in which thread people along, Ryder soon to be yet another convinced person.

A few nosey people throughout the day have asked me about my new relationship, I either diverted the topic or answered vaguely. Today I have said that Archer and I met at the diner I worked at, he gave me a ride when my car's engine refused to start, and we had just begun dating.

It would be nice if Archer too stuck to that story, not drifting off of it and fabricating additional lies that would get us caught.

One day seemed to be done for our relationship and about three more months were incoming.

Before the guy next to me in my final class has the chance to ask me something the bell rings and I'm out of the classroom door, walking to my locker in a hurry.

I walk up to my locker just to see Archer leaning against it, a smirk plastered on his face as usual. If only his personality matched his good looks...

I walk up to him and slightly nudge him out of the way, any possible spectators probably thinking I'm just being playful.

Archer whispers, "Rumor has it that you have the hots for me."

I scoff a bit, shaking my head.

"Rumor has it that I'm only dating you for your looks," I reply.

He shrugs before saying, "Valid rumor, I am quite the model."

His statement causes me to slam my locker door shut, grabbing his hand and walking out of the school building.

All this physical contact with him was becoming second nature, however, it was still a bit odd. Archer and I were very intimate with one another in a short span of time, not knowing what one another has been up to.

I dismiss my concerning thoughts and get on his motorcycle. I have been on his motorcycle almost every day now, it's becoming such a regular activity to get on behind him and wrap my arms around his waist.

We drop by a local coffee shop on our way home, I walk towards the shop just to see him not follow me inside. Instead of going into the shop he takes out a cigarette from his pocket and lights it, placing it in-between his lips.

I turn back around in order to fully face him, crossing my arms in distaste.

"That's disgusting," I say softly with hints of disgust in my voice.

Smoking's a dirty habit that leads to various medical problems, it's like he is asking to live a shorter life.

"Grey, you haven't won the game yet. I can still have my tendencies... Smoking, drinking, and player ways," he replies, puffing out a small ring of smoke once he has the cigarette out of his mouth.

"Yet?" I question.

He adjusts the cigarette in his hand, realizing his verbal mistake.

"I wanted to give you some false hope," he replies, covering up his slip up.

Archer knows that I have a chance, whether he wants to admit it or not.

I turn back towards the shop and step in, the smell of coffee rather than smoke filling my nose.

I order two medium roast coffees and sit against the window he stands outside of.

I watch him as he smokes and brushes his hands through his hair. By the look on his face I can tell that he's deep in thought, hopefully, he's thinking about how he knows I have a good chance at winning this game of love.

Perhaps the next rumor about us I'll personally spread, it will be how the common girl broke the bad boy's heart and all his tendencies.

Now wouldn't that be quite the gossip?

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