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"I'm sorry for asking, dear, but I just needed to ask that. I just wanted to know if it was true, or if for once this ability didn't hold true"
She said. I wasn't sure what to say. I'm sure she knew that she had been right from my silence.
From her words, her amazing guessing ability was an actual super power. Was she magical beyond her soulmarks, or did one of her marks just provide a different ability, and we all thought it was something else? Annabelle sensed my confusion, and she spoke again to break the silence and awkwardness.
"Let me tell you a little secret, Miss Crestal. You know about my soulmate abilities, right?"
She stopped, and I guessed she wanted me to name them? I was actually sweating a little, and I tried to focus on my grip on the steering wheel.
"Uhm, yes? Fire bending, telekinesis, water bending, plant growth, enchanted vision and empathy"
It was a little strange. Okay, it was really strange, but what wasn't in my life by now?
"Correct. But empathy isn't my sixth ability. I myself thought it might have been that, but I never truly felt it was that"
She sighed deeply:
"But before I could put words on my sixth ability, it was already out that it was empathy. Even dear Emily, who the mark-ability belonged to thought so"
She was quiet for a while. Like she was collecting her thoughts.
"Why are you telling me all this? Miss Rex.."
I asked, a little nervous, but I think I deserved an explanation and a reason as to what the heck is even happening.
"I trust you, dear. Even if my sixth ability isn't empathy, I know a good person when I'm with them"
I got a little flustered and stared intensely at the road. For god's sake, Annabelle Rex, the Six Souls holder, the most wonderful human phenomena to walk on this planet, just complimented me! For a moment it washed away my confusion and shock over what she had told me before. This was more than I could ever dream to hear from her!
"Anyways, I won't keep you waiting. I've thought long about who to explain this ability to, and I hope you will understand: my sixth ability makes me capable of seeing and feeling things about a person. When me and Emily met for the first time, after finding out we were soulmates, I bought strawberry tea for us to drink, and it turned out it was her favourite. The reason why I bought that, was because I felt like she would like it. I even remembered believing she must have told me, or someone else had, but I don't think I ever learned that information beforehand.
After that these strange feelings and visions started appearing. It felt like deja vu each time. Like the information must have been given to me at some unknown point in time, but in reality it just happened in the moment"
Miss Rex looked and smiled at me, and I gave her a half smile.
"I never told anyone that my sixth ability was something else. I'm not sure why. Maybe because it would cause confusion. I know that I have lied to the whole world, but I do think that it is for the better that everyone thinks my sixth ability is empathy. I feel it, and I think it might be this power telling me so"

We drove in silence for a while. I took the time to collect my thoughts and think through the information. Annabelle Rex actually had an unknown power, and for all these years everyone thought it was empathy. I think she is right about talking about it now. People would definitely be confused, and I'm sure a lot of debates would start. But she didn't tell me about it in the beginning where it was easier to say that it was just a misunderstanding or mistake. With this secret power, Annabelle could see or feel information about people in ways that gave her a deja vu feeling. My year is really gonna be a rollercoaster of emotions and unrevealed secrets.
"So if I understand your ability correctly, you have now seen that I have 17 soulmarks?"
The Six Souls holder nodded. I was kinda happy that it was someone like Miss Rex who got to know this. She was kind. I'm sure she was surprised, but she also knows what it's like to have above average soulmarks.
"It came to me, when you were making that call. I saw it in front of me. You show your marks to your girl friends. A total of 17, only 8 being coloured"
I immediately knew what she was talking about. It had been the night where I showed Lena and Nitri all of my marks. They went total nuts, and Nitri had to be calmed down with a drink or two.
"I'm amazed that it is even possible to have that many marks, and I understand why you chose to keep it secret. You almost have thrice as many as me, dear. It must have been very hard to hide"
We took some sharp turns, where I focused on the road. The silence was very tedious. I was so interested in what Annabelle thought, and I'm pretty sure she was also very interested in what I had to say.
"It was crazy hiding them as a child. I hid some of them by saying they were those temporary tattoos. Something I did also say they were body paint. On festive occasions my mother would paint some of them in colours she thought they might be. She was somewhat right with a few of them. It's still crazy for me to think that I'm missing 8 more soulmates, and I'm afraid that one of them might tell the world"
I could see that Annabelle was giving me a sympathetic look.
"I understand, dear Crestal. When I met David everything just moved so fast. If I had had the chance, I would have liked to keep my marks a secret too"
It was weird hearing these words come out of her mouth. She had beat the last record with one more mark, and that is an achievement I know a lot of people want to have, but Annabelle didn't seem to be one of them.
Maybe she had liked the fame at first, but this had also stopped her from ever being a regular person. I had felt like I was never normal, but no one knew about my marks, so no one knew that I wasn't just a loser who hadn't found their 1 mate. I felt a little better now knowing what was up, and maybe I also felt a little better knowing that I could tell one more person about my soulmarks. Maybe, just maybe, it helped me find the confidence to tell my 8 current soulmates. I know they would understand. It's just everyone else who isn't bonded to me, that I'm afraid of letting them know.

Like Wilhelm... or Fury.

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