Chapter 10

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~Victoria's POV
*Day before she moves in with Xavior(Friday) *

"I can't believe this is the last day you're living with me. I'm actually going to miss you, but it's going to be nice to have some peace and quiet around here." Jessica tells me as she moves the last box out of my room and into the living room.

I ask her with worry in my voice." what if he hurts me, Jess? "

She looks away deep in thought. She looks up at me with a sad smile." I'm sorry Vee, if he hurts you or you feel somewhat uncomfortable I'm just a text away, I'd come pick you up. I hate the fact that he's so powerful and that I can't do anything to help you."

She ends off and looks forward. I stare at the wall next to the TV. A few minutes pass and I hear Jessica gasps and jumps up like she just got an idea. I jump in fright and look at her with my hand over my heart to calm my breathing.

" You almost gave me a heart attack!" I scream at her, she apologizes and sits back down on the couch, facing me. "Lets go to a club tonight! Let's celebrate this last day we have together, because I'm sure Xavior isn't going to allow me to see you any time soon. And I know the bouncer at the famous club Exclusive. What do you say?"

She's asks me with a hopeful look in her eyes. I give in to the look and nod my head yes. She squeals and I laugh at her childish behavior. We both head to the kitchen to fix ourselves lunch.

*A few hours later*

I'm in my room getting ready to head to the club. Jessica is in the other room doing the same. I end up wearing a sparkly silver mini dress with a high pony. I do my make up lightly.

Jessica walks in and shows me her outfit. She's wearing a cream above the knee length, tight fitting dress with the back exposed. Her hair is in wavy curls and she's wearing black heels. She looks absolutely gorgeous.

 She looks absolutely gorgeous

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(their outfits)

Jessica is the first to talk. "My word, baby girl you look gorgeous!" she says and helps me up from my seat. She twirls me around and I can't help but laugh at her action. I tell her she looks gorgeous as well and we head to the club.

After some time we finally reach the club and the bouncer let's us in. I feel the music of the club in my heart. I look around the place and I'm very impressed of the interior. It's so modern and beautiful.

The lights spins in different directions making me feel like I'm on ecstasy. I feel Jessica tug my hand and pull me to the dance floor. We both agree not to drink since we want to remember every moment we have.

When we make our way to the dance floor, we begin to dance to the music. I throw my hands in the air and bring it down my body in a sexual manner. Jess indicates with her finger that she wants me closer and I move closer to her.

She grabs me by my waist and spins me around. I begin to grind her and the dj plays our song Nasty girl by The Notorious B. I. G

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