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"Hey William... I have a question."
The lovesick boy spoke putting his cards down.

They both sat awkwardly, it was almost like picking at grout while they softy grieved for Gilbert and Jerry to come back.

The bubbly boy said taking notice of Moody's cards down, as a sign that he was taking about something serious.

"It's not any of my business, but do you like Anne?, I've known Anne for quite a bit, and I'm getting a vibe."
The lovesick boy said.

"Well, if I'm being honest, I did."

"Did?.. What changed?"
The lovesick boy spoke with the slightest curiosity, but more importantly with his certain buddy in mind.

"When she kissed me that night.. I felt different. I think part of me moved on, I did really like her back in the orphanage, but something changed."


"It's locked."

The redheads words seem to be distant.
Even the way she said it sounded disappointing.


The redhead turned to the boy.

Gesturing to what he has to say before she cuts him off forever.

"I'm sorry Anne. I know I messed shit up, and it's my fault, I just- I want everything to go back to the way before."

"I can hardly see that happening..."

"But do you want it to be that way?"

A silence grew from his questioning words, she didn't know quite how to answer.

"Yes. Of course I do. Why wouldn't I?..
but if people keep getting hurt, and this is bad-''
She pointed between him and her.

"Then what am I suppose to do about that!?"
She yelled, hurting the boy with every word.


"Of course I want to- I just-
It's- I-''
The redhead felt a slow falling tear racing down her heated cheeks.

So the boy did want he could do, and what he wanted to do for so long.

He took a step closer to her, each one coming closer to her heart. And then he finally reached her. The boy with the height pulled his arms around her.

In the broken room with no promises he hugged the tears away.

And what could she ever do, but hug back. She hugged smearing her teared face on his clothes, not that he minded.

It was one of those things they loved.

"You're not mad, are you?....."
The French boy spoke to Diana, the girl listening across him, opening Aunt Josephine's oven.

"Not mad, a little disappointed.."
She quieted the last part of her words.

"I'm sorry, please forgive me Diana."

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