Chapter 34: The Aftermath

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Valor's harrowing screams of anguish were an echo as he lifted his mate's unmoving body in his arms. He let out a vicious roar at anyone who came near him.

"WHERE IS THE DOCTOR?!" He demanded, his eyes black as night.

"We have many others in need," Delta Sean spoke, lifting his chin. "We cannot put your mate over the rest of this pack."

"What the fuck is wrong with you?! She's pregnant!" Valor let out an inhuman sound and the glare he gave the Delta should've been enough to send him to the deepest pits of Tartarus.

Sean kept his gaze steady, "We have far too many wounded to put you first."

"ENOUGH!" Phoenix broke through the growing crowd, his eyes glowing a bright gold.

It captivated the group, the wolves falling to their knees immediately.

"Who are you to deny a wounded wolf, a Luna at that, medical assistance?" Phoenix growled deeply; the full weight of his rage focused on Sean.

The Delta squirmed under his Alpha's gaze, "They aren't a part of this pack. His mate isn't dead, and we have our own people who are in critical need."

Phoenix let out such a roar Leanna was sure they felt it through the oceans and across the world.

"If you used your fucking ears you would know that her heart has slowed. The next time you deny anyone help I'll see to it that you live while I cut out your heart," the Alpha's voice had grown cold, his eyes empty pits of darkness.

"Yes, Alpha," Sean said through gritted teeth.

"Stand," the Alpha commanded. "Go make yourself useful and set up an area for the wounded in the living room."

Sean climbed to his feet, disappearing into the house without a second look.

Through their bond, Leanna could feel her mate's exhaustion. His frustration and troubles weighed heavy on her chest and she wanted nothing more than to hold him close. Sensing her eyes, he glanced over at her. He gave her the smallest of smiles and then he walked away, turning his attention to his pack.



The next few hours went by at a snails' pace. Cleaning up the bodies was a grueling process and keeping spirits high was draining Leanna's energy. Everyone was lost; they were suffering, burying their friends and family, and the enemy had managed to escape.

"Did you hear?" Gemma's voice was quiet as Leanna turned toward her friend.

Gemma, who rarely showed deep emotion, had tears in her eyes. She was hugging herself tightly, almost as if to hold herself up.

"Connor. H-he just died," she sobbed, and Leanna quickly wrapped her arms around her.

Leanna hadn't known him very well, but he was an old friend who'd grown up with Gemma. From what she remembered, Connor had a mate and three children.

"I'm so sorry."

There was nothing else that could be said. The words had been whispered so much throughout the day that it was losing its meaning.

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