Chapter 11

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~Victoria's POV

When we get to Xavior's house, he pulls me out the car and drags me towards the house. My heart is racing because I cannot imagine what he has in mind.

His long legs makes it hard for me to catch up with him in my heels. I don't want to tell him to slow down because that might upset him even more.

We get inside the house and he pulls, more like drags, me upstairs. I almost trip over a stair case due to Xavior's unmanly speed. I see us making our way to his room. My heart races even faster.

He opens the door and push me inside, I almost fall due to the strong force. He closes the door and I hear it click. Did he lock us in? I think to myself.

He makes his way to the bed while loosinening his tie. He takes off his coat and jacket and places it on the sofa next to his bed. Next he removes his tie from his neck. Still avoiding me.

I stand awkwardly in the middle of the room waiting for him to do something. He finally looks at me with an unreadable expression. It looks like anger with a mixture of lust.

He sits at the end of the bed and unbotton the first two buttons of his shirt. He places both hands on either side of him and stares at me.

I look down to avoid his gaze. I hear him speak after a couple of seconds "Look at me." he says with a dangerously low tone. I hear his accent come out.

I look up at him. I play with my hands nervously. He looks at my hands and then back at my face. This whole situation is so tense that it's choking me.

"Dance" is all he says. I gasp at his words. I immediately take a step back before speaking. "N-no, w-why? " I ask stuttering horribly. He speaks up again in an angry yet calm manner.

"If you can dance like that in front of hundreds of horny males, why can't you do it for me? Or would you much rather strip?" he asks me while fixing his sleeves.

In any other situation, I would've found his dominance a turn on, but now I'm close to shitting myself. I stand still unsure of what to do. "What are you waiting for! " Xavior yells at me causing me to jump in fright.

I try to think of something to stall and before I could think, words starts flying out of my mouth " I need music and the lighting in this room doesn't set off a nice mood. Well done chicka, I voice to myself.

Xavior stands up and makes his way towards me. He keeps his eyes on me and I am paralyzed to the spot. When he's in front of me, my face is directly facing his chest and I can feel his body heat radiating on me. He lifts up his hand and reaches behind me.

I hear a click of a button and look to the back of me. He switches on his TV and mirror image his phone to the TV. With his other hand, he reaches for the remote and points it to the ceiling. The room suddenly changes colour to red and then to pink and so forth.

He walks backwards to his bed. Eyes still on mine. He sits down and plays a song on his phone. B. E. D by Jacquess could be heard through the speakers.

"Get done otherwise I'm ripping that dress right off you whether you like it or not." I hear Xavior say. I look into his eyes to see if he was kidding, but all I found was seriousness.

My eyes widen and I shake my head no. I start moving my hips from side to side and bend down to take off my heels, trying to keep it with the beat and still look sexy. When my heels are off I look up to see Xavior leaning on his legs with is arms on his knees and his hands folded in front of him.

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