Check ins

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After Keefe had finally gotten Sophie to calm down a little bit, they decided to get up a look around. Their eyes had finally adjusted to the light of the setting sun, and to Sophie, everything looked the exact same as it did so many years ago. The Image of Dexs' glassy eyes kept popping into her head, every time making her breath catch short. She clung to Keefe's hand like it was the only thing keeping her alive, and to her, it was. They stayed close together as humans milled around them, acting normal. Finally Keefe noticed the waves in the air and saw the obscurer, placing it in his pocket.
"We should walk around, see if we can find" Keefe's voice caught in his throat " find my mom" he whispered. Sophie nodded, slowly pulling him forward.
"Where should we go first?" She asked
"Well... I hate to suggest it, but maybe other places you went when you were here? She's obviously trying to make you emotionally unstable, making us light leap here"
"Good idea. The only other human place we visited was a little café" Sophie agreed. Keefe's words had shook her, and her voice regained strength. If Gisela was trying to shake her, well, she just had to look unshakable "over there" she pointed. They made their way down the bridge, Sophie leading. Once they got there they stopped outside the windows, looking in. There, sitting casually at a table, was Keefe's mother. She looked almost alien in her simple human clothes, almost like one of the soccer mom's Sophie has met in her time in the forbidden cities. Of course, she had a headband on, and Sophie knew some sort of device was under it to keep her safe from inflicting. Gisela looked up from her book, glancing out the window and directly at Sophie and Keefe. Her faced brightened, like she was seeing an old friend, as she waved them in. She motioned to cut the obscurer as well, but that was all they saw before Keefe pulled Sophie out of view of the window and into the ally next to the café
"Should we do it?" Keefe asked
"I don't know... she was acting really creepy" Sophie said
"She was, but I think we should do it. There's a lot of human witnesses around, and if she attacks us in there news will get to forkle insanely quick.... hopefully" Keefe said
"So, we're doing it?" Sophie asked
"Yes, it's the only way to see what she wants" as they nodded together, Sophie got the sick feeling that they were walking straight into a trap

"Awww, I liked that cape!" Keefe complained
"Sorry, but we have to blend in a little more. Jerkins aren't exactly high fashion in France right now" Sophie whispered as she pushed open the door, the bells tinkling as it shut behind them again. They immediately walked over to Gisela, sitting down across from her. Keefe pushed his chair further back, trying to stay as far away from his mom as the small space would let him. Lady Gisela, meanwhile, didn't even look up. She held up a finger, as if to say "one moment" and kept reading. Seconds upon seconds drifted by in a queasy silence, until she slipped a book mark into her page and set the book down
"I was just catching up on all the latest human trends. Quite funny, this species is" she looked around the shop and studied each person as if a new fascinating thing she wanted to study.
"Stop it, mother. Just get to the point of why we're here" Keefe said, crossing his arms. She sighed, rolling her eyes a bit
"fine. You never where good at small talk, anyway. How's the new ability?" She asked
Keefe narrowed his eyes at her, shaking his head
"Looks like some of you're calculations were off, lady. I don't have one yet" Keefe lied. Giselas eyes went wide, and she started muttering numbers to herself.
"No. No, I must be right." She mumbled "you're lying. Now, how's it coming along"
"I told you, it's not" Keefe stuck to his story
" Keefe, it's your legacy. I told you. You're never going to outrun it, no matter how hard you try to" Gisela said, leaning forward "So, I ask, again. When did you manifest?"
Keefe met her cold stare with one of his own, trying to out will her. After a painful minute, he sighed
"Last Friday"' he mumbled
"Hmm, later then I hoped. No matter, everything's coming along nicely" she stared off into the distance, almost looking wistful. Sophie cleared her throat
"So, that's it? You wanted to make sure Keefe's new ability was fine?" Sophie asked. Gisela laughed. It was an unnatural sound, cold and sharp, with no humor in it. Nothing like her sons.
"I thought you'd know me better then that by now. I guess you might be as dumb as you look. Of course not! I wanted to make sure our little moonlark wasn't getting to close to things she shouldn't know" Sophie sucked in a breath, shooting a look at Keefe
"It doesn't matter. I would never tell you, anyway" Sophie said.
"As I thought. You haven't made any progress. And when you do, I'll know about it. Trust me" with that, she got up abruptly, grabbed her book, and walked out the door. Keefe and Sophie stared after her, at a loss.
"What was that about?" Keefe asked
"Nothing" Sophie said, maybe a bit to quickly. Keefe narrowed his eyes "Let's get home" Sophie shivered, a tingling running down her spine at the strange encounter
"Yeah, let's" Keefe took her hand once again, and they made there way into the cold, dark evening.

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