Drunk p2

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Y/n: And is 7 of y-

Y/n: no! Y'all got to rest ok tomorrow y'all got to work now cmon follow me to your rooms

Namjoon: we have a free day tomorrow

As soon as he said that jungkook picked me up like and put me on his shoulder like a sack of potatoes

Y/n: Hey!

Taehyung:"kneels to my face level" shhh "puts a blindfold on y/n"

Y/n: this is abuse!

Hoseok: shh you to loud we got a surprise for you

Y/n: if it is something stupid I swear I'm gonna rip all of your hair and make a necklace with it and feed it to you

Jimin: if you can

Y/n: what you sa-

When I was gonna say something else jungkook put me on the ground but I felt like he fall down

Jin: ha! Jungkook hyung don't know how to walk when he's drunk unlike me "flips his hair to the back"

Jungkook: well at least I know how to not talk like an idiot while drunk

Namjoon: HEY! All of us are drunk

Y/n: can we get to the surprise before y'all end up falling asleep

Suga: I'm not even sleepy tho

Y/n: watch how you gonna end up sleeping all day long

Namjoon: ok ok take out the blindfold in 3....2...1!

I took off my blind fold to see all of them with a gift on their hands

Y/n: how-

They all ran to me and end up falling because they bumped into each other


Y/n:ENOUGH! "Grabs gifts" thank you now I will open them tomorrow please let's go to sleep we are making to much noise and the kids are sleeping right now

After they all agreed it took me a while to take them to go to sleep after I finally got them to bed, I changed and went to dream land

Hey hey is the Author I completely forgot to post this episode the other day I thought I did but I didn't with that said have a gray rest of the day or night! 💜💜

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