Chapter 11 - Kidnapper Bhaiya?!?

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Hritika's POV

I woke up with a pounding headache and opened my eyes slowing adapting to the lights. My gaze first fall on the ceiling and then I felt a soft fluffy surface underneath me.

'Ah, this was beautiful and huge' I muttered to myself while curling up to bed. Nothing like my beautiful bedroom on top of me with an equally gorgeous ceiling with a black mixture and a huge bed. This was heaven.

'Wait a second. Huge? Black?' my inner voice question me.

My ceiling is anything but black. I suddenly sat up with a jerk on the king-size bed and quickly observed my surroundings. I didn't recognise anything in the room and I panicked.

Oh no... I got kidnapped.

Just then I heard footsteps from outside coming closer making my movement cease for a moment.

' kidnapper coming? think something fast!' I snapped at my inner voice.

'Well obviously it must be kidnapper you stupid and how will I think fast.' my inner voice taunted me.

'How come you don't think fast you should think fast' I retorted back.

"Are you crazy? You forgot that me is you and you are me" she told me and I mentally kicked myself for fighting with my inner voice which is me.

Doorknob moved slowly from the outside Which made me act fast. My head is throbbing painfully but I still managed to get up and grab nearby things, Just then the door opened and I...


S i d d h a r t h ' s P O V

I walked into my bathroom and shut the door, striping as I stepped under the cold shower. Grinning, I think of my little Fiery angel waiting for me back office and I already had planned everything for us.

I lied to her about the meeting in the restaurant. I knew she wouldn't agree if I asked her and I wanted to spend some time with her like a date only me and her, no best friends and I always get what I want.

I couldn't control how the little fiery angel always running circles in my mind day and night. All I can think about her and it infuriates me.

I have tried to stay away from her but seeing other men compliment her made me jealous and I couldn't control the urge to be with her. The more time I spend with her the more, I want her in every possible way.

The day when I met her in my office as a candidate of my PA. I didn't expect to meet her like this, not as my employee and that was my chance to keep her close to me so I asked to Human resources to bring me file who get interviewed to be my PA and after looking through her I told them to hire her as my PA.

That day I got to know her beautiful name and Her name is just like her Kind-hearted, Truthful, Joy, and Generous.

Sighing, I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked inside my closet and quickly put on my clothes because I don't want to make her wait.

I walked down and got inside my car, I back out of the driveway and onto the road before speeding off towards Malhotra headquarters.

From what I've seen of my angel she's just little fiery but I can handle her.

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