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Much like the first night Klaus and Charlotte spent together, it was the buzzing of a phone that pulled them awake

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Much like the first night Klaus and Charlotte spent together, it was the buzzing of a phone that pulled them awake. Correction, it pulled Charlotte awake, it was nearly noon and Klaus had been awake since ten but he'd stayed still so she could keep sleeping until she was done. It was clear to him that she needed it.

"Shh," Charlotte groaned out as the buzzing stopped and then started again, "what is that?"

Charlotte was aware she was wrapped up in somebody's arms but it took her a moment to realise who's and where she was and it was only Klaus' response to her question that allowed the answers to come flooding towards her.

"It's your phone, its rung four times."


Klaus had picked up her phone and glanced at the name, "it's the footballer, do you want to answer it?"

Charlotte nodded and with her eyes still pressed shut and her head tucked under his chin she pulled it to her ear.

"Hello?" she mumbled sleepily.

"Charlotte thank god," Matt's voice was frantic over the phone, "are you okay? Where are you?"

"I'm in bed. Why, what's happened?"

"Damon came into work and made some joke about you sleeping at mine more than yours," Charlotte groaned at this, remembering she'd told Damon she was sleeping at Matts but had forgotten to inform Matt of her little lie, "don't worry I told him when I left for my run with Elena you were still asleep."

Charlotte sighed in relief, curling her fingers up and flicking Klaus' chest as she felt it shaking as he laughed at her, "Thanks Matty, dinner tonight? I'll cook and explain everything."

Matt agreed with a groan that she knew was only meant to tease her, she was grateful to have a friend like him who'd cover for her when she needed. With her eyes still shut, she hung up the phone and passed it back to Klaus, hearing him place it on the table beside them.

"Morning sweetheart," Klaus murmured, his voice bringing back memories of all the nights they had spent together, "how'd you sleep?"

"I slept well," she replied politely, "really well."

Klaus' fingers were running across her head, stroking through her hair and massaging her scalp, she could hear his heart beating steadily as her head lay against his chest. She dreaded the moment she had to return to reality.

"Why haven't you been sleeping normally?" Klaus asked after a pause. He could tell by the heaviness of her sleep with him she'd been needing it desperately and it concerned him knowing she'd been struggling. Even all those times he'd seen her in town he could tell she was exhausted and more stressed than he was used to.

"I just find it hard to drift off sometimes."

"You never had problems sleeping before," Klaus pressed, knowing Charlotte wasn't giving him the full truth. When they'd been together Charlotte would almost always drift off instantly, practically passing out each time she was pulled tightly in his arms.

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