Chapter 20

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"I-I can't breathe." Simeon quickly pulls himself away, or pushes me away, it was one of them. He then simply spun my dazed self around and wrapped his arms back around me, setting his chin on my head. The tension was making it almost as hard to breathe as being smothering in Simeon's chest. Almost if not more...

"This tension is suffocating. Leon~ What's going on?" Elizabeth squealed and ran up to hug his arm. He looked down at her with a cold glance and gently pushed her away. She just simply pouted and hugged his arm again. He continued to try to push her, getting progressively rougher just due to the incredibly strong grip the small girl had on him.

Then the end of her pig tail caught on fire. At first she didn't notice and only the three of us stared wide eyed at it, until she smelt the burning smell. It smelt like hair spray.

"Ack!" She screamed.

"Jody put it out!" She commanded me.

"Ask nicely." I smiled.

"Gosh, I don't have time for your crap!" She glared and ran off, "My perfect hair is going to be ruined!" We heard in the distance.

"Woah Leon, I didn't think you'd ever do that..." I gaped, turning to him.

"I uh didn't..." He murmured turning to me. He then looked at Simeon, causing me to look up at him as well.

"She was annoying." He shrugged. Neither Leon nor I said anything but it was obvious we agreed.

Then I realized I was still in Simeon's hold, and Leon noticed too. Leon reaches and grabbed me by my arm, pulling me into his chest. Simeon reaches back and grabbed me by my arm too and tugged. Soon they were both playing tug of wars with my arms as the rope and my body as the bandana.

"You are both going to rip her arms off if you continue with that much force." Colette sighed and walked towards us, pushing both the boys arms down.

She then pulled me away from them and turned me to face her.

"I saw Dexter was angry. I could only assume it was your doing." She sighed, "Are you okay?" Those three words made me tear up again.


"A-ah I am so sorry!" Colette freaked and wrapped her arms around the taller girl. Both of the boys were inching themselves closer, only for Colette to shoot them both a glare.

"No, give us a girl moment." She frowns. Both of the boys looked at each other, ready to protest, but were interrupted by a soft snore coming from the girl who was now slouched over with her head on Colette's shoulder.

"I can carry her to her room." Both the boys said at once.

"I'm not helpless." Colette scoffed. "She might be taller but that doesn't mean I'm not able to carry her." She sighed running a hand through her bangs.

"But I might need one of you to help me hoist her onto my back..." Colette admitted sheepishly. Her saying that caused both the boys dejected looks to perk up.

They both hoisted her up on the blondes back. Colette gave them a grateful nod and began to walk down the hallway, leading to the dorms. Then she stopped after like twenty steps and turned around.

"You may leave now." She said slightly annoyed.

"I just want to make sure you don't drop her." Leon nodded, firmly.

"And you?" Colette glanced at Simeon.

"Because I like her and want her to get back safe." Simeon yawned.

"Oh..." Colette widened her eyes with a pink tint across her cheeks. She turned around slowly and awkwardly before heading back down the hall, due to the new found tension in the hall.

"Did you seriously just do that..." Leon glared and Simeon.

Simeon simply nodded, "Mhm, I think I did."

"And why is that?" Leon asked, passive aggressively.

"I'm not afraid to make a move, unlike someone else..." Simeon glared and strutted down the hall, in pursuit of Colette, leaving Leon slightly baffled.


I yawned and rolled over, hugging my pillow. Wait- pillow?

I sat up quickly, realizing I am in my bed, completely covered up and fully clothed.

"You're up." Colette stated, handing me a glass of water, which I gladly downed.

"Did I- When did I....What the heck happened?" I stammered, sitting up.

"You literally fell asleep on me." She laughed. I flushed momentarily due to my embarrassment.

"I'm so sorry!" I burst, looking down at my lap.

"Please, it's fine, seriously." Colette sighed. "You can be really difficult." She bonked me over the head.

"But I love you anyways." She smiled then gasped, "Oh! I'm going to go get some finger sandwiches, and then I need to tell you what Simeon said earlier!" She squealed.

"So, can I leave?" I tilt my head.

"No." She says firmly, causing me to pout.

As soon as she left, I threw the covers off and stood up. My body felt seriously stiff so I just had to stretch and for some reason, going on a walk sounds really nice. I didn't want to leave unannounced, so I rummaged through my desk drawer and pulled out a pad of paper. I then pulled out a dip feathered pen and wrote...

'Sorry Colette, went on a walk to stretch my legs :)'

I ripped the paper out and set it in front of the door on my way out.

After a while I found myself in the garden. Students were everywhere practicing their abilities. I don't know why, but it made me sad. I wonder if all of them have actual set personalities, I'm sure they do, but it's strange to think they are only background characters. They all seemed to be having fun. I'm almost jealous. They have no drama whatsoever. I shouldn't of interfered with the story as much as I have. It is too late to back out now though...

"Jody?" Someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned, expecting it to be Colette or even Ivy. But it was neither, it was Elizabeth.

"Elizabeth?" I gasped, jumping back. Her pig tail which had caught fire earlier seemed perfectly back in place. Ah the power of the novel.

"I need to talk to you." She said normally. There was no sign of cheerfulness or hostility.

"Okay." I ended up agreeing. She gave me a tight lipped smile and led me to the gazebo.

She sat first and I sat across from her.

"Tell me what you know." She commanded in a still oddly normal tone.

"What do you mean?" I questioned.

"It's obvious you know something about this world we are in, or you wouldn't of interfered." She nodded again.

"So tell me...who are you?"

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