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Elisa had gone through many things in her life, different situations that have moulded her personality. She had grown up to be a brave girl, one who would take on any situation head-on. But even she would admit that this moment was daunting; she was nervous as anything. The people she was about to meet were her blood, which was even more dangerous than the past families she had been with. She had a bond with these people whom she hardly remembered. Her social worker would never understand despite being the only one who knew enough about her.

The oak door opened quickly, and a boy- maybe a year or two older- poked his head out like a meerkat. Paige smiled gently at the young man who had answered the door and made sure she was relaxed. If she were tense, then Elisa would be, and then it would take forever to make her understand she was safe. A reason, unbeknownst to her, meant that she always had to reassure Elisa that each new home was safe. That she could lower her guard and get to know the people she was living with.

The boy who answered the door was one of the West siblings, Preston West, the youngest in the household. He was also the only West boy who couldn't care less about his future which normally meant his older brothers had to steer him to do things. He was the baby of the family and never had to worry much about anything. Something which would change the moment he opened the door. Preston had been in the middle of a video game with one of his friends from his 6th form when the door knocked. Of course, he assumed it was one of his brothers, so he ignored it, knowing they would eventually go through the back door or open the door with a key. But when neither of those two happened, and another soft knock was heard, he abandoned his game in resignation, ready to yell at whichever idiot had dared to stop his fun.

He just was not expecting to see two unfamiliar people when he quickly pulled the door open. A woman in her mid-thirties holding a clipboard with a young girl holding a suitcase. His eyes lingered on the short girl with light caramel hair who was staring down at her feet like they were the only thing interesting in her life.

Who on earth were these people? Why would they even be out here in the pouring rain at this time? He stared at them, completely confused. They didn't look familiar, and he was left stumped and unsure whether to let them in. Despite them looking harmless, he had been taught never to judge a book by its cover.

Had he missed something in the family meeting yesterday? Was he supposed to do something? The woman smiled gently at him, and he straightened, aware that these two people had come out of their way to find this house. The West house wasn't exactly easy to find. You had to drive down quite a few back streets before going down a narrow road through a large field. They knew exactly where they were going, and that sent the alarms in his head ringing. Although Preston wasn't the smartest of the siblings, in his opinion, he knew that random people shouldn't know where they lived unless they had been shown. This caused the boy to be on edge and narrow his eyes at the two.

"Hi. How may I help you?" Paige wanted to chuckle at the boy who wasn't aware of their arrival and was cautious if his tense body was any indication. His voice was polite and sounded bored, but she knew he was suspicious.

"Hello, dear. I'm Paige Fields. I've been in contact with someone named Alexander West?" Paige knew who the boy was, of course, as Alexander had told her the names of his brothers. But judging by his reaction, she didn't want to scare him and make him slam the door in her face. His brown eyes lit up slightly at the mention of his older brother and he nodded vigorously while relaxing, yet he kept his guard up. The older woman smiled in pride that the young boy knew not to trust anyone straight away.

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