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Finally. This one is the place, it has to be. Somerset High School.

Why do it? I'm bored. Oh, and I hate him.


"You got it Eleanor." I yawn.

I grab my welcome clipboard and pray that Liam will remember to hand in my roughy draft to Miss Baker. Waving goodbye to the office assistant, I wait in the atrium. 

My student should be here any minute. When I joined the Welcoming Committee it was really just so I could feel like I contributed to my piece of the Spartan Spirit Sisters Award. I actually love it though. And missing class is always a bonus.

The bell has already rung and the halls are slowing to a trickle of students. I keep my eyes peeled for the lost looking one and stand as confidently as possible holding a little sign with his name on it.

Sure enough, a tall boy approaches me. I look up at him and introduce myself, extending a hand.

"Hi I'm Evie, I'll be your guide today."

"I'm Emmett, but I guess you already knew that." He laughs. I turn away quickly desperate to begin the tour and hide my red cheeks.


"This is the stadium." I continue on the tour. It's fourth period already and I've taken Emmett just about everywhere I could think of. "Students eat lunch out here and of course we have sports year round. Soccer and lacrosse are about to begin and baseball and softball will be on the west field over there."

I point behind the building and smile. He's been nothing but charming the whole time, asking questions and being really nice. I'm glad he's a senior, it's the freshman tours that are the worst.

"Wow, there's so many activities here. If not for the terrible lunches you speak of, I might think it was private. All your missing is fencing and stables for horses." Emmett laughs.

"Sorry to disappoint." I chuckle along. I glance up as the bell rings for second lunch. "So do you have any friends that go to school here? Why did you choose Somerset?"

"My family just moved close by, and my brother has already been going here for a while. At least I hope so." He says.

"That's so cool. Somerset is a great city, you'll love it here. Who's your brother?" I ask.

"I doubt you know him, he's a scrawny little loser of a thing."

"Be nice! Family is forever, I'm sure your brother doesn't feel that way about you."

"Meh." He just shrugs and I feel chilled.

We've had so much fun walking the halls and going up to the third floor and back again. I haven't learned much about him, but he's certainly been one of my better tours.

"You can eat lunch with my friends and I if you'd like." I offer. Part of me hopes he'll turn me down, but he doesn't.

"Cool, thanks."

Brandon and Mia are kissing in our spot already. I groan and cough loudly.

"Evie!" Mia breaks my brother's vacuum seal on her face. "You're here early today."

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