38 || Training Session

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A couple riding a two-seater bike passed by Kirishima and Y/N as they continued their walk to the field. This reminded the girl that the two others should be arriving soon on their own two-seater bike. The two teenagers slowly strolled on the sidewalk, nearing the field. They played around and talked in the dessert shop to waste time. Kirishima felt accomplished at his unplanned date with Y/N. He's been wanting to ask her to hang out ever since the first day she transferred to U.A., but he never got the chance to do it no matter how much Mina pushed him to; someone was always around her.

  "Ah," Y/N sighs nostalgically at the hidden field. "The office building is still there... I wonder if it'll ever get demolished. It's been abandoned for quite some time...."

Kirishima was perplexed to hear that there was an abandoned office building in a hidden field behind the mountains; it sounded pretty sketchy. "Why would they put the building there?" He looked at Y/N for answers.

"Apparently a small business built their office there for privacy and the natural scenery," Y/N recalled the information that was relayed to her about the building. "But they didn't do too well and went bankrupt. The building's been there ever since."

"That's tough... I really hope they're doing okay." Kirishima felt concerned for the workers' current condition and if they were doing okay in life, as well as saddened that the owners had to discontinue their business that they probably worked so hard to manage. Kirishima Eijirou, a person with a big heart. He looked down, sympathizing with the failed business owners. Y/N breathily giggles catching Kirishima's attention and snapping him out of his own sad little trance about the business owners.

"For a guy with a hardening quirk, you have a soft heart." Kirishima blushes and awkwardly rubs the back of his neck. All of the confidence he developed over the past few months was thrown out the window whenever he was alone with Y/N. It was as if junior high Kirishima was back.

"I just really feel bad for them, you know? It sucks that they had to give up their dreams and passion of running a business because it didn't do well. I wish I was there to support it.." His head dropped back down. They stopped walking once they were on the field, a few feet away from the office.

"You're a good person, Kirishima." And up his head went. Blushy, blush, blush. Oh boy, he was blushing.

"Y-You really think so? Thanks! I think you're pretty amazing too!" Kirishima smiles widely. In his head, he couldn't help but think that she was more than amazing. More than words could ever describe. If only he could say this out loud; it would sound very manly.

"Oh. They're here." Y/N pointed at Bakugou and Todoroki who were both running, racing each other to see who could get to her first.

"No way am I letting you win!"

"It was our training session in the first place!"

"Oh boohoo!" Bakugou burst himself forward by pushing the ground with tiny explosions. As he was getting closer, Todoroki's ice clung onto Bakugou's feet, making them planted into a spot on the field, Todoroki taking the lead in their little race. "GOSH DARN IT HALF-AND-HALF!" The angry Pomeranian escaped from the ice by exploding himself upwards.

"Y/N!!" The two were rushing towards her. Kirishima protectively held his right arm out in front of the girl, hiding half of her body behind his.

"Woah! Slow down there!" Kirishima outstretched both of his arms to distance the two boys from him. "Why are you in such a hurry?"

Todoroki's eyes narrowed. "You and Master Y/N got here earlier than both of us, so you must have used that time to get extra training done. So please, move aside so I can train with her one-on-one like we originally planned." Kirishima sensed something more but decided not to push it.

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