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The Blondie and lovesick boy continued to take out the French boy's luggages.

"Oh, where's William?"
The small girl said mindless. She noticing everyone around her was together.

"He said he had to go back to the store or something, like he dropped something when we were there."

"Outside the window??"
She giggled at the thought.

"Strange indeed."
He smiled at her laugh.

The cold continued to attempt swift the bubbly glasses boy off his path.

I wonder if she's still there..

His memories stained of a girl that caught his breath with one sight.

Her beauty was flew before anything she could see.


So that's her name..

He carelessly look beyond, within a couple blocks and watched as a blond flamboyant boy walked into the store.

"About time, I've been working you're shift for 2 hours now."

The bubbly boy heard soft muffles of the girl's voice. The boy finally ran up to the store.

"Whatever, at least you got paid-''
The blond boy grumbled switching places behind the counter.

"Yeah, yeah Cole.."
She rolled her eyes and swiped her blond hair out of her face, catching the boy's attention once more.

"Oh! How can I help you Sir?"
Cole turned to William, noticing his mouth very wide open.

"Uh- I just- Gilbert- dat- um-''

"Oh look Winnie you have another one wrapped around you're figurer.."
The blond boy snorted as he headed to the back.

"Shut up!- Oh you know Gilbert?"
Her words left a scent of curiosity.

"Yeah.. were kinda step brothers.. I'm adopted."
He scratched the back of his head.

He felt his throat tighten.. usually any mentioned of the topic or along the lines of adoption, people froze or awkwardly walked away.

"Oh, well you and Gilbert must be pretty close seeing on how you joined him to drive all the way up here."

"Yeah.. wait- you're not freaked out?"

"Should I be? About adoption? No. Actually my 'cousin', Cole. Isn't really my cousin, my family owns an orphanage, and my aunt decided to adopt the one and only Cole."

"Oh that's cool! You must be friends with everyone in there!"

"Yeah, I am!"

Winfred feel her heart flutter for a second. When she dared to mention her family or the orphanage, especially guys, would always get weirded out.. but not him.

"So what are you doing here? And you're name?...-''
Her words trailed with a smile.

"William. William Lacroix."

"Like the name."

"Thanks.. and actually.. I was thinking about asking this cute girl.. I saw in a store earlier... if I asked her, do you think she would say yes?"

"Mmm depends, but based on this conversation.. I would say she would say yes.."
She said with a smirk, stepping closer to his heat beat.

"Winfred, I don't know you, but I would like to, would you like to get coffee-"

"Make it hot chocolate and we have a deal."



The redhead caught her breath outside.

The redhead had dashed to the beat of her own heart.

Any breath she took was one when she wasn't stopping.

She wasn't going to stop her feelings or her movement.

Moody turned away from his blonde lover.

"Where is Gilbert?"
The redhead breathed.

"He left... but he told me that if you wanted to find him, he would where his Augustus moment was.. whatever that means."

"Oh ok! Thank you!"
The redhead went off to see the wise  Aunt Josephine for answers.

Aunt Josephine was the only one who knew the Charlottetown land the best.

She grew up with the wind in her air and this land under her feet, the redhead knew she could only go to her.

"Aunt Josephine!!"

"Yes my dear?"
The wise women turned to the love filled redhead.

"Are there any mountain areas here in Charlottetown?"

"Yes, actually, there's a place known for the mountains, just follow the signs Anne."

And that by far, was a message to the redhead. A sign.

She continued to run, she ran outside in the snow.

As the redhead walked further she knew which flame out of the two hearts had caught her's on fire.

It was him and only him was the only one who could ever,

have her heart...

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