13. Answering Questions

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Lets just say that the last chapter was quite difficult to write, but it had to be done. Now at least I can continue with the story. Which it will. Rapidly. Aurora's next assignment will be coming up and I'll be introducing some new characters....


I was numb.

That was the only reasonable explanation as to why I hadn't broken down completely yet. It had to be. Walking away from Severus knowing that he now officially hated me took a higher toll than I initially expected. The toll it had taken on me emotionally was more than I could bare, and in order to preservemy sanity I had to compartamentalize my emotions and lock down all the pain and hurt I was feeling. I wouldn't be able to function otherwise. So instead of letting go of that last sliver of self control and locking myself up in my room to mend my broken heart with a tub of ice cream, I forced myself to push down all those warring emotions that threatened to destroy me and face the world with a calm and rational look.

So the next day, after spending a sleepless night wondering why on earth I had been so stupid and talked to Severus the way I had. I had spend the night tossing and turning, replaying our heated exchange over and over. Each and every word, again and again. But now I knew that I had severed the bond between Severus and I utterly and completely. There was no way he'd ever talk to me again. I had done something to our 'relationship', if our scarce interactions could even be called that.

Which meant I had to find my answers somewhere else.

That Sunday morning I made sure to notify Albus that I was leaving for the day. He didn't otherwise react to my statement, except for a pointed look and a crooked smile through his half-moon glasses.

After making sure Fred and George knew of my plans of heading out for the day I agreed to meet them that night in the Gryffindor Common Room. And then, making sure I wasn't followed, I slipped out of the castle and headed towards the entrance to the castle grounds, where I'd be able to apparate. Once I reached the heavily wrought iron gates and stepped through them, I wrapped my clock more tightly around myself and apparated.

Appearing the entrance of the Ministry of Magic.

Sighing in disapproval I stepped inside the phone-booth, knowing fully well that this was the visitors entrance, but not really caring. As the voice asked for my name andthe reason of my visit, I answered with a simple "Aurora Beauchanan, visitor, here to see Dimitri Kuzenkova"

After a brief silence the phone-booth started descending, like an elevator,until it reached the marble hallway that constituted the main entrance of the Ministry.

When the doors opened I stepped out and looked around, knowing perfectly well that people were watching me. Despite it being Sunday, there was still a flurry of activity going on, people hurrying around  going about their business. Without as much as a sideway glance towards the many curious and inquisitive eyes I walked across the marble floors, heels clacking on the marble. Pushing back the cloack over my shoulders I decisively walked past the golden fountain in the middle of the atrium.

Now I was nearling the elevators,  and without a pause I stepped inside one, relieving myself of my cloak and folding it over my forearm. A couple of wizzards that were standing in thr elevator gave me a once-over, their eyes appreciatively taking in my current outfit.

The robes I was wearing were a deep purple, cinched af the waist and trimmed with black lace. The corset-like bodice was strung close a bit too tightly for my taste, but watching the men leer at me I figured it was better that way. People tended to not see what was right in front of them. I knew that much. Let them think I was some dumb bimbo. Better to have them drooling over me than having them wonder about my motives.

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