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Couple days ago.

"This is really the shit you read?"
The curly haired boy snorted laying their book over his face to cover the sun.

Not even the flowers could stop the heat.

"Pftt, yes, and for your information this 'shit' is the best thing you'll probably ever read."
The redhead said proud of the words she spoke, she sat up and snatched the boy's cover from the sun.


"Exactly. Also which part exactly don't you like about it?"
The redhead said curiously mindlessly scooting over to the boy.

"I- I get to pick just one?"
He tried to play off his internal fear, but enjoyed how close they were not only in sitting, but also as friends.

"Very smooth."
The redhead chuckled and paused.



I don't like this part. I mean what's with the big grand gesture? And the stupid cliffhangers?"
The curly haired boy pointed the book,
Their book.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

"What do you mean?? You can't have a complete ending without there being stakes."

"Stakes my ass, they should just end up together.."
The curly haired boy grumbled, huffing on his back and taking back the book as shade.

The redhead slid one arm over the boy, pinning him on the grassy field.

"Because that would be no fun."
She playfully said while going back down next to her spot.

"Well then, I would do it better than if that's the case... some place romantic.. like the mountains or some shit."

"Mountains?? Pftttt, dumbass.."
She mumbled, smiling to herself under her breath.

"Come on, think about it, it would be my Augustus moment!"
He through his arms in the air for more dramatic effect.

"Whatever floats your boat Dognapper."
She smirked.

"Never letting go of that, are we now?"

"I never will."

The cars blinked by like stars shooting across their sky.

Each one a flicker in the love they shared.

I have to get to him.

2 Weeks Ago.

"You really like him huh?"
The raven haired girl stated to the redhead as the halls passed by her.

"I don't know what you're implying."
The redhead mumbled staring at the curly haired boy as people passed by.

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