19 - Breathe

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Track nineteen: Breathe

Album: Avengers

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ᴺᴼᵂ ᴾᴸᴬᴵᴺᴳ : Diana
"Work! Work! Work!" I screamed trying to turn on my shoes.

In retrospect I probably should've turned them on, or figured out how to turn these suckers on, before I jumped off a roof. Though, a death ending in a splat was better than spending another painstaking moment with that excuse of a God, "Come on! Come on!" I screamed as the wind flew through my hair, slapping my shoes.

Glancing down was the worse mistake, because I realized I was closer to the floor then I thought. In that moment I knew I needed to rely on something other than these shoes that didn't work. Without fully thinking it through, I took my fire poker I did the best thing I could think of... stabbing it into the building as I fell. The metal began to shatter through the glass windows and I position myself falling through the window as well. Making me tumble through the office space, until I came to a halt by a desk.

"Ow.." I groaned clutching my side, covered in even more glass.

My body stung even more as I could see small tears in my outfit. Good thing I didn't care if I looked pretty, because I had a feeling I was going to die today. Either from the aliens or my uncle, because I was not done fighting.

I blew my hair out of my face and began to look for my weapon. After a moment of searching I uncovered the fire poker covered in glass, though when I grabbed it my mop of hair stole my vision. In that moment I realize that my hair was going to be more of a hassle than anything when it came to dealing with the enemy. So I took my long hair in that terrible ponytail, grab this piece of stray glass and chopped it off, letting it fall to my shoulders.

It's hair it will grow back, and I don't need any straight pieces of hair being the reason for my downfall.

Once I retrieved my weapon I ran towards the stairs. Luckily I made it pretty far down, when I jumped, meaning there wasn't much for me to run down until I reached the ground level. The entire building was filled with screaming people running inside, trying to escape the terror out there.

I ran out through an emergency exit door and immediately began to debate if I should just go back inside, for there was nothing but chaos, bloodshed and death surrounding me. Strange creatures were attacking innocence, ripping them out of their cars and prepared to kill them. I gasped running forward and threw my poker directly at an alien, sticking it straight in the head before it could shoot a civilian. I quickly grabbed his lifeless body and used it to knock over the other one and once it was down I grabbed his head and snapped it.

I let out a pant and turn towards the civilian as he stared at me flabbergasted, "Are you okay?" I asked.

He remain silent as I nodded, "Good... get inside Stark Tower and make sure you get others there as well!" I pointed to where I came as he ran towards it, "Get others to follow you!"

Yanking my makeshift weapon from the monster skull I looked up at the town and began to run. I kept grabbing random items throwing them at the aliens and directing citizens inside of buildings and subways. Some went with no problem, but others I was forced to scream at until people dragged them away.

After about 15 minutes of fighting I finally saw something I was looking for, a cop. I ran up to him in a hurry as he shot at the enemy, "Hey!" I screamed.

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