20 - Meeting

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Track twenty: Meeting

Album: Avengers

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ᴺᴼᵂ ᴾᴸᴬᴵᴺᴳ : Diana
The sad excuse of a man, let alone god, worked his hardest to move, breaking a sweat as he lifted himself to a seated position. Though his face quickly turned to one of terror when he noticed the group in front of him.

The Hulk and Tony were to my right while Steve was behind me. I had my fire poker resting on my shoulder, standing behind Clint who had his bow drawn. Natasha to my left and Thor, holding the cursed staff, next to her. All of us giving the god an intense glare.

"If it's all the same to you, I'll have that drink now" he chuckled, with fear in his eyes.

I gave another chuckle to match his before pushing past Clint. Before winding up my fist and socking him straight in the face.


↻ ◁ II ▷ ↺

My breathing was slightly staggered when the needles went into my skin. My bandaged hand was firmly encased by my uncle's as I tried to distract myself.

Saying the battle left a few marks was an understatement. Glass was imbedded in multiple places, I received a concussion from a tumble, but worst of all was my right hand. After we captured the god, who kidnapped me, I might have... broken my hand with my final punch.

It did burn slightly knowing I was the only one who fought to receive medical attention. I wasn't even fighting as long as the rest and still needed more stitches then all of them.

I looked back at my uncle who was letting me slowly break his hand with my strength. He was trying to give me a reassuring smile but I could tell he was still livid at me. Once we had officially won he told me he was at a loss for words at my actions, and then spent the next hour yelling at me.

Steve was able to slightly calm him down, before being requested to help with a little bit more search and rescue in the main battle field. He was going to join us at the base but since he wasn't a legal guardian yet he couldn't come in the packed Shield medical center. He wasn't going to get any guardian documents until I met him last week, but as you know plans changed. So I had my uncle next to me along with Natasha, both a guardian and representative of Shield.

"And that should do it," the nurse put the needle down. "How are you feeling now?" They asked.

I gave a glance over before seeing a few sharp objects by his side and I turned away, "I'm okay"

I guess my uncle noticed my uncomfort because he asked the nurse to put them away. Once they were out of view my breathing went down to an average rate as the doctor next to him glanced at my file, "Alright. If it's alright with you and your guardians, I would like to ask a couple questions"

They glanced at me, both silently asking if I was okay with this, I nodded and so did they, "Perfect," the Doctor took a seat. "Are you feeling any uncomfort Ms Rogers?"

I shrugged, "My head and hand hurts. Oh and my stitches do as well"

They nodded, "Of course, and these next questions are a little more personal so if you don't feel like answering" the informed me.

I gave a nod as they continued, "You said you were under the influence of Loki's staff, correct?"

I nodded, "Yes"

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