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The library in the small village was his home away from home. The books that lined every shelf were an opportunity of escaping reality. Dust never settled as he was constantly cleaning, showing his love of books and the millions of stories that were printed in ink. Owen loved his job at the library and did not care about the thoughts of other men his age. His passion was writing, and what better way than surrounding yourself with millions of authors? It was his haven when he wasn't home or working at his second job at a café.

The other young man who had been hunched over a table all evening stretched with a groan. His pencil rolled across the surface and was suddenly stopped by Owen's quick reflexes. He paused in his cleaning and studied the man who rubbed his eyes aggressively.

"You're not sleeping again." Owen did not question but stated in a knowing voice as his eyes lingered on the dark circles under the younger man's eyes. He groaned and began packing his belongings away sluggishly, giving away his tiredness.

"Leave me alone, man." He grumbled wearily with his eyes half-closed, his long eyelashes brushing his cheeks. Owen shook his head, determined to push his little brother to tell him the truth.

"Why? What's going on?" Once again, Owen stated in his soft and calm voice, the voice that always managed to relax people no matter the situation. The man sighed knowing he was not pestering to be annoying- it was just his nature to care for everyone and worry about them. It was just who Owen West was. Roman threw his bag over his shoulder and barely looked at Owen who was studying him like a doctor would their patient.

"I've had a lot of orders for personal paintings and I'm so behind schedule." Owen eyed his younger brother with a knowing smile, completely ignoring the excuse Roman had given him.

"Nightmares. Have you been taking your pills?" He asked as he locked up the register and turned off the scanning machines and printers. Roman sent his older brother an exasperated look who completely saw through his lie.

"Can you not reach out to your motherly instincts?" He scoffed, annoyed while Owen simply smiled unoffended. It was true that Owen's personality was very motherly since their mother left, and his brothers often commented and complained about his consistent questioning and making sure they were okay. His caring and loving nature made up for all the affection they missed out in the past few years, and although he was overbearing, Roman and the others were grateful for his thoughtful ways.

Owen shrugged and made sure the library was locked up before the two made their way through the backdoor of the building and into the cold crisp air. Roman sucked in the fresh air and looked up into the clear night sky; he smiled slightly as he caught sight of a few stars that were normally hidden behind dark clouds. The two brothers were the complete opposite yet seemed to be the closest out of the four brothers. When Roman was sad, Owen was there to console him; when Owen was distant, Roman would be there to shake him back to reality.

The two brothers walked through the empty streets of their village in comfortable silence. The waves crashed against the cliffs, and the wind blew gently- ruffling the boys' hair fondly. The cobblestone paths were lit only by the warm glow of the streetlamps; the village was deserted of life and activity. Their car was parked just outside the small village. They lived in the field nearer the woods where nobody would disturb them. Why their father had them live there, they will never understand, but they never complained about the peace they got from living away from other people.

As they neared the house, Owen noticed the living room light on along with one of the bedrooms upstairs. He furrowed his brows in concentration as he tried to figure out which room it was. Certainly not his, nor Alex. It could have been Preston, but he could have sworn Preston's bedroom was the left window. Roman was not as curious as Owen was and thought nothing of the light on the second floor. The brothers unlocked the door to their home and went to search for the others. They paused when they saw their eldest brother, and Owen felt that familiar ghost of concern peeking out from his heart.

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