nineteen: piano man

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So very very hot.

You wiped the sweat from your forehead with your arm, breath haggard as you jogged on track field. The sun beamed brightly and burned your body, sweat dripping down your face like a faucet. You breathed heavily, trying to focus on the track instead of the boiling sun and soccer boys who were practicing.

Jungkook stood near the finish line. He watched you carefully, you were close to the finish line and almost done with your third lap. Your vision became a little hazy but you blinked it away ignoring your sudden nausea. Jungkook noticed your staggering steps, brows furrowed in worry. "You are almost there!" He shouted.

Yeah, almost there.

But why did jungkooks voice sound so far away? Huh, did jungkook have a twin?? Why is there two of him? You smiled, feet stumbling over each other as you waved at jungkooks twin.

Jungkook gazed beside him seeing no one there and back up you. Some of the soccer boys even stopped what they doing to catch a glimpse of you. Some were laughing while others continued to practice.

Shit, not again!

Jungkook flew by your side, catching you just in time before your body collapsed onto the ground. The soccer boys immediately stopped what they were doing and ran to aid jungkook.


"Hyunjin take her legs and help me carry her to a shady area." Hyunjin nodded and quickly did what jungkook instructed.

Jungkook carefully placed your body onto the ground, laying you flat onto the grass under a tree. "Hyunjin go get water" Jungkook ordered. Hyunjin hurried away, jungkook elevated your feet above the height of your head to get blood flowing to your heart. "Come on y/n"

Hyunjin quickly came with two bottles in hand and gently placed one on your head to cool your body down. Seconds later you began to stir, eyes blinking as you gazed upon the trees shielding the sun. Jungkook released a breath of relief as hyunjin carefully lifted you into a sitting position. Jungkook took the other bottle, uncapped it and helped you drink the water.

You drank slowly, breathing a bit uneven but thankfully you were okay. Hyunjin still held the water bottle on your head and cheeks making sure your body is cool. He has been in your shoes before, over exerting yourself is a huge risk on your health. Jungkook has also overworked himself before but not to the point he has passed out.

"I think I'm okay now" you spoke softly.

"Have you eaten today?" jungkook asked straightforwardly. You didn't answer him, you couldn't because you knew he would be angry at you for skipping breakfast and lunch. The only meal you had would probably be yesterday for supper. You weren't quite sure but you did not feel like eating and now you had to face the consequence of your actions. You gazed down at your lap, nervously biting your bottom lip. "No"

"Why not?"

"I never really got time to eat today" you chuckled.

"Don't lie to me y/n"

"Im not lying to you, jeon. I had quite a hectic schedule you know"

"You are smiling and avoiding eye contact"

Why must he be so damn observant!?

You let out a defeated sigh, "I didn't feel like eating, okay"

Jungkook let out a exasperated sigh. "Look, y/n if you want me to train you you have to eat. Whether you feel like it or not you must have three meals a day!"

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