21 - First Showcase

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Track twenty one: First Showcase

Album: Avengers

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ᴺᴼᵂ ᴾᴸᴬᴵᴺᴳ : Diana
The weather was certainly fit for the current event. Pouring water hit, what the media is calling, my team's umbrellas as the ceremony went on. Though I held my umbrella at my side, allowing the rain to fall onto my head, I didn't feel like shielding myself right now. Plus with the rain no one would know I was crying as they pulled back the veil to reveal a large monument to the many lives lost from the short reign of Loki.

Though I guess the rain wasn't enough of a cover since two hands from different parties rested on my shoulders, followed by both their umbrellas covering me. No words were exchanged.

I kept myself still, not giving a glance to the many eyes fixated on me, since I knew they would only fill me with even more dread. I knew that not everyone could be saved in the attack, but seeing any form of disappointment from people I knew irked me.

Just the thought of what the people here were thinking about me sent a shiver down my spine. Did they blame me for this? Was it my fault? I mean I did get kidnapped and was the reason for the battle to even take place at Stark Tower.

But I was also the one who stopped it. I closed the portal. I kept the creatures from returning. I am the one who lead people to safety.

But I wasn't smart or strong enough to save Phil.

I guess I was so caught up in my own head I didn't even realize that the president finished up his speech until my Uncle gave me a pat on the back. I jolted slightly before walking forward.

The sound of my flat black shoes, that matched my equally black dress, were the only sounds I could hear as I walked towards the monument. I thanked the rain again as I placed the bouquet of Chrysanthemums down as I stared at the names of hundreds of people we lost last week. Some bodies weren't found I heard, leaving their funeral to a name on a stone, but they still would never be forgotten.

Seeing a certain name was enough for me to silently lose it. I didn't care about the eyes of my team and public as I placed my hand on his name, leaning forward to place my head on the monument. Staying there for a brief moment.

"Merci, Phil," I sniffled. "Merci pour tout."

↻ ◁ II ▷ ↺

'It may have been weeks since anyone has seen the Avengers, but the wait is over! Sources say the entire group, minus Thor, will be attending Darrell Shaw's Musical Academy Showcase located at the newly named Liberty Theatre in California...'

'You heard it here folks! For the first time since the New York manorial, the Avengers will be gathered to see a musical showcase! With a performance from Lady Liberty herself..!'

'Some may be wondering why on earth this is the first place the savours of New York are heading to a children's performance, but it may have something to do with a fellow member...'

'The first time public since the funeral, Lady Liberty will be here, right behind me, in this theatre, tonight...'

'The world is currently in a buzz right now, just wondering what the Avengers are up to right now...'

↻ ◁ II ▷ ↺

I sipped my tea, trying not to spill it from shaking, as the entire group was running the penthouse like headless chickens. You'd think after four weeks of the lot of us being quarantined in Stark Tower would drive us mad, and you'd be right. Things were pretty mellow at first, then when the fifth day ended and the popularity poll came out for us everything went to hell. And we've been riding this chaotic energy since.

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