22 - Disney

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Track twenty two: Disney

Album: Winter Soldier

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ᴺᴼᵂ ᴾᴸᴬᴵᴺᴳ : Diana
The streets of Disney World laid in front of the four of us as we all just stood there in awe. Now this is what I call a fantasy.

Though Uncle Tony, with map in hand, turned to us with the gears turning in his head, "We made it to the happiest place on earth. It's nine am, a schedule every minute of our day until nine pm," he pointed to us. "Pay attention and stay close."

"Oh! Oh!" I raised my blue cast in the air, "Can we please go to the Hall of Presidents first?"

The three adults looked down at me, as if it were shameful, "The Hall of Presidents? Really?"

I nodded ecstatically, "Yeah! I mean so they mostly all suck, it's the show that's supposed to be fun!"

I could see Steve slowly stepping in the direction of the show, "It has... robots in it, right?"

I nodded, "Yes."

The billionaire let out a very annoyed sigh as he motioned us to go. My grin increased as I began to run, "Then come on! We don't want to get bad seats!"

Though, when we eventually got to the show I couldn't help but overhear my Uncle grumbling to the unlucky person next to him in the theatre, "I just flew this kid halfway across America to visit Disney and all this homeschool kid wants to do is visit the Hall of Presidents?" And thus began the very long day for Uncle Tony and Pepper, but very short day for Steve and I.

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The billionaire looked around the area frantically before fixing his glasses, "We need a map."

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My legs stopped completely when I made eye contact with the Minnie Mouse ears. I'm not fully sure why but the sparkly mint green pair caught my full attention.

There was a small tug on my arm but I ignored it, pointing forward at the keyosk, "Can we please check those out?" I looked up at Pepper who was holding my hand.

For a split second her eyes trailed to the other two before nodding. I let out a little gasp and let go of her, running to the stand and grabbing the pair I was fixated on. Turning to the small mirror on the cart I placed them on, seeing them perfectly fit my head. I gave a little head shake, allowing my chopped hair to test if they would stay on. They did.

"What do you think?" I asked them.

"Sparkly," Steve stated.

"Can I get them?" I widened my mismatched eyes to seem cuter, "Please?"

I handed them to my uncle and he gave a nod, "Sure you can-" he paused for a moment, "Forty Five dollars for bedazzled mouse ears? Kid, do you want these or you wanna go to college?"

My smile slightly went down, "As if I could even get into a college."

"It's okay, Stark," Steve grabbed the pair of ears. "I'll buy them."

"Huh?" I raised my brow. "But I thought you didn't want to spend much money-"

"It's okay," he waved it off. "I think I might buy a pair too."

My smile grew again, "Matching?" I held up another pair and he grabbed them, "Sure. Why not?"

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