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"That's not possible," Charlie said, laughing nervously, looking at Eagle with her face drained of color. "There's no way."

"What? What are you talking about? What's the matter?" Eagle asked suddenly worried by her expression. 

"This is my mother," she choked out, Eagle's eyes suddenly widening. 

"P-Pardon?" he asked, letting out a weak laugh. "That's impossible, how could we not know? I knew her personally, she never mentioned a family or kids."

"This is my mother," she said, still not believing it. "I never forgot her face, and her name was Melissa McKarter. She never got married to my dad, they were just...together."

"But that doesn't make any sense."

"They told me she died. When I was five, I went to her fucking funeral. How was she president of the club? None of this is adding up," she said, running a hand through her hair. "They both faked their deaths. What shitty parents."

"But that would mean your mother faked her death when you were young, stayed alive to run the club, then actually died later on and your father faked his death and you went to an orphanage when your mother was still alive thinking she was dead but she actually died later on and your father is still alive and never actually died," Eagle voiced, trying to work this all out but once it was all said out loud it really didn't make a whole lot of sense.

"Why the hell would she fake her death just to run the club? Why would my father fake his death and show himself now?" she asked herself. "What the hell is going on?!"

"So many things aren't adding up," Eagle commented. "What the hell is missing?"


Both Eagle and Charlie turned, immediately freezing as they caught sight of Fury standing at the entrance of the garage, his gun out and pointed towards them. 

"What the hell do you have planned," Charlie seethed, watching as her brothers eyes darted over to her, giving her a sickly glare.

"You will see in due time," he said, smiling wickedly. "Unfortunately, Eagle, I have to take her now."

"Like hell," Eagle snapped, suddenly pushing Charlie behind him. "She isn't going anywhere," he snapped, pulling his own gun out and pointing it at him. "I suggest you get the hell outta here boy."

Fury glared at him and, almost instantly, his expression changed and he dropped his gun, smiling widely. "You're right," he began, putting both of them on edge. "I'm no match against the great Eagle." He had an evil glint in his eye, watching as Eagle had faltered. "But they are."

Just then, two men came up and grabbed Charlie from behind her, dragging her away and causing Eagle to suddenly spin around. "Let her go!"

"Eagle! No!" Charlie screamed, struggling in their grip. 

Two other men came and pushed Eagle down on his knees and Charlie was forced to stand there and watch, tears pouring down her cheeks. 

"Fury! Please, let him go! I'll go with you, I won't struggle, just let him go!" she tried to beg, watching as he walked around Eagle, pointing his gun at the back of his head. 

"Bring her around so she can see his face when I kill him," Fury ordered the men and they drug her around to where Fury was standing, forcing her to look at the face of a terrified Eagle.

"It's alright dear," he said calmly, only a few tears running down his old cheeks. "At least I got to watch Frank grow up."

"No! No!" Charlie screamed, sobbing and panting, hoping someone from the clubhouse could hear but the walls of the Garage were sound proof and Fury had a silencer on his weapon. "Let him go! Please!"

"Now isn't this just so touching," Fury said, laughing hysterically. "Too bad that stupid bastard isn't here to watch you die, old man."

"You'll regret the day you used this club for your own selfish reasons," Eagle said confidently. "As long as Frank is here, you will never get the club."

"I'm already working on Frank," he said menacingly. "Taking her is going to bring him right to me and I can send the Devil straight to hell."

"Fury! Please! Let him go!" Charlie screamed, still struggling against their grip.

"Take care of Frank," Eagle said quietly, giving her one last smile, his old eyes swirling with sadness. 

Without further hesitation, Fury pulled the trigger and she watched the bullet go straight through his head and watched as his body fell over limply. Her ears rang and everything began to move slowly. Fury walked up to her slowly, her eyes still trained on Eagle's lifeless body.

He grabbed her jaw roughly, the most sickening look on his face. "It's your fault he died," he whispered to her. "And it'll be your fault Frank dies. Actually, the fall of the Saints will be your fault."

With tears still pouring down her cheeks, she spit in her brothers face and watched as he froze for a moment, scoffing. "I'll make you watch as I kill him and then I'll keep you alive just to torture you some more."

"Go to hell," she seethed. "You're disgusting. You're not my brother."

"Oh, but I am," he said, laughing wildly. "Aren't you excited to see dad again? Didn't you miss him?"

"Let me go!" She screamed, struggling and trying to kick her feet out against him.

"Get her in the car," he ordered the men holding her. "Shut her up first."

"You asshole! Let me go!" she screamed but one of the men quickly bashed the back of her head in with their gun and darkness quickly consumed her.

Weren't they supposed to avoid something like this?

Hello everyone!

Let me tell you I cried writing Eagle's death. I hope you enjoyed this chapter, things are going to get so much crazier.

Moment of silence for Eagle, he was the last of the older generation of the club.

With love,
D. M. Brightwell

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