❁Thirty Eight❁

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A/N: Uhh hello? Hi, I'm back :) I'm writing on both here and AO3 now!!! So that means this book is continuing!!

Also, since I don't necisarily support Jessica anymore, I claim these characters in this book :) they are mine now :) /hj

Enjoy the chapter!!


Gene and Zane sat by a table at the malls' food court. 

"You see that guy over there?" Gene nodded towards and old guy sitting eight tables away from them.

"That's our target. His name is Miles and he always comes here every wednesday looking for someone to pick up and bring them to a hotel room. Today, that someone is going to be you."

Zane glanced over to Miles then looked back at Gene. 

"He doesn't look too bad for a fourty year old pervert." He put a fry in his mouth. 

"Yeah, that's what rolling in cash that isn't yours does to someone." Gene scoffed. "Are you one hundred percent sure you want to do this, Zane? You can still back out before we continue." 

Zane looked at the guy again.

"I'm so sure."

Gene sipped his drink and sighed. He has some doubts about this mission and some heavy doubts about bringing Zane into this. He doesn't even know what he was thinking in the first place. But looking at Zane's determined face was enough to bring him to ease temperarily. 

"Alright." Gene stole a fry from Zane. "Go work your magic."

Zane nodded before taking a napkin off of the table, standing up and sauntering towards Miles. Gene watched as Zane walked next to the man and dropped the napkin. Zane stopped and sensually bent down to pick it up. His skirt rid up the back of his thighs, nearly showing the underwear he was wearing. Miles took notice immidiatly of the feminine man infront of him. The mans' eyes hungrily took in the sight of Zane's form.

Gene almost laughed at how easily Zane enchanted the man. When Zane came back to the table, he smiled and pursed his like he was going to burst out laughing if he didn't. 

"Great job." Gene chuckled.

"Pfft, that's only the start. This is so cool. I feel like a spy." Zane giggled, his hands rapidly tapping the table. Suddenly Gene felt better about this (other than the lingering thought of Travis beating the absolute shit out of him no matter the outcome of this). 

"We should have spy names. I'll be black cat and you'll be-"

"Alright, Zane, we gotta discuss what's next." Gene cut Zane off with a laugh. Zane pouted but let Gene talk.

"This next part is probably going to make you  uncomfortable. You need to go over there and flirt with him like your life depends on it, then he'll take you to a hotel room. I'll be tailing you all the way there. Then record everything happening in that room and once you think the time is right, call me in and I'll take care of the rest." Gene explained. Zane scrunched his nose at the thought of letting a man that wasn't Travis make advantages on him, but the job was first priority. 

Zane got up again and headed towards Miles' table.

"Hey." He said upon arriving. Miles looked up at him and smiled.

"Well hello there, beautiful."

Zane sat in the seat across from him. 

"I couldn't help but notice your staring. Felt like I prey was being hunted by a predator." Zane giggled.

"My bad, sweetheart. I just like what I see." Miles chuckled.

"No need to apologize, I thought it was hot." Zane bit his lip and reached over the table to touch Miles' hand. "Your hands are big, y'know what people say about guys with big hands, right?"

"Of course I do. And I can confirm it's one hundred persent true."

"I'd like to find out for myself."

Gene didn't hear a word of the converstion but next thing he saw was Miles standing up and Zane following his actions. Zane glanced back at Gene with a wink letting him know the plan was going well so far. Gene got up and carefully followed the two into the hotel just a few buildings down from the mall.

Zane's heart was beating rapidly, a bit from fear, but most from pure exitement. He hasn't done something this nerve-wracking in years. Was this what it is like being in a gang? If he did this well, would Travis possibly let him join?

Now in the hotel and going up to the hotel room, Zane just hoped Miles wouldn't try to kiss him.

"You got a name, sweetheart?" Miles asked.

"I go by Black Cat. Aliases are better than real names." Zane licked his lips, which only enticed Miles more. 

Zane walked in the room first, Miles closed and locked the door behind them. Miles stepped closer to Zane and leaned in, Zane had to lean back and cover his mouth with his hand. 

"No kissing on the mouth. I'd rather kiss you some other place." Zane looked down to the bulge in Miles' pants.

"Alright." Miles uzipped his pants and Zane walked over towards a dresser in the room.

"You don't mind if I record this, right? I'd love to just watch it later."

"You're a needy one, aren't you? Sure you can record, only if I can do whatever I want to you for the next two hours." Miles said. 

"Of course. I was planning that anyway." Then Zane hit record. Around this time is where Zane would call out Gene's name, Gene was probably right outside this door. That doesn't mean Zane doesn't get to have some fun for a minute or two.

Zane lightly pushed Miles onto the bed.

"Lay down for me please." Zane pouted, and Miles did as he was told. Zane the straddled the older mans' hips, feeling how hard he was. 

Gene was right, this guy is disgusting.

The adrenaline of doing something so exiting consumed Zane. This was dangerous and so very risky but Zane loved it. He took a deep breath and put both of his hands around his neck. Miles looked at him. confused.

"What? you've never tried this before?" Zane said. Miles should his head. Zane leaned down and whispered.

"I promise I'll make it amzing for you."

Zane squeezed his hands around the mans neck, and Miles' face had a weird look on it.

"I don't think I like this." He said. Zane heard him, but only sqeezed his hands tighter. It took five seconds for Miles to realize what Zane was trying to accomplish. Miles' hands grabbed at Zane's wrist but thank goodness Zane is way stronger than he looks.

The squeezing didn't stop, even with all of Miles' attempts to get Zane off of him. The struggling soon slowed to a stop and Zane immediately stopped the squeezing.

Zane got off of the man's lap and stood up.

"That was.. suprisingly fast." He muttered to himself. He put his hand up to the man's neck to feel a pulse and exhaled.

"Okay, I didn't kill him, that's good."

Zane walked to the door and unlocked it. Waiting outside was Gene. 

"It got kinda quiet, I was-" Then Gene saw Miles passed out on the bed.

"-getting worried." He stepped inside.

Zane closed the door after Gene entered. 

Gene walked over the Miles and checked his pulse to confirm the man was still alive. When he confirmed, he crossed his arms and pursed his lips.

"What do we do now?" Zane asked, standing next to Gene. Gene let out a troubled sigh.

"I... I think we should call Travis..."

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