"..only because you are insisting"

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Rose's POV
Rose: "You seriously want me to talk to this pervert?"
Jessica: "I just saw the screenshot you showed to me,believe me Rose!! He is not like that!"
Rose: "Yeah,I can clearly see that"
Jessica: "Oh God Rose,just give it a try come on! He's my friend,I know him better! He's a really great guy"

Low key? I really did want to talk,because I have never felt this deep and attracted to a random stranger. But.. I was afraid. Afraid of making the same mistake of trusting someone,giving more than anything to him,crossing all the limits,out of love for him.

I just can't put myself to go through that horrible phase of my life which I once did,and I don't think I'll ever be able to forget those moments spent with my ex. For the romance? Neh!

The tortures and with a sarcastic apology at the end of the day saying he just vented his anger because of his family issues,and that, you only vent ur emotions on the people you love. Maybe hitting was his way? I could never discover the real reason.. just me disagreeing with only one statement of him,and there goes the trailer of our oh so famous heated argument.


"I love you too" I said,as I smiled looking towards him munching on my food I brought for him. His eyes shone,as he finished off his hunger in a jiffy gulping down the water and thanking me how I saved his life because he was about to die out of hunger. He said,these were one of my habits he loved about me,the way I cared and behaved around him. Everything was going so smoothly,we were discussing our all time conversations.

"Yeah,I saw the movie and seriously liked her acting over there,but I guess her previous movie was much more better?" I said,wiping the bread crumbs from his cheeks. He tucked a piece of my hair backwards and smiled widely. A text buzzed in my phone as his attention was disturbed and his gaze shot towards my phone.

"Are you okay in there?"

The text read from my best friend,Mark. I closed my eyes,and my heart rate started to increase within each and every second as I felt his eyes filled with rage and anger looking slowly towards me. "How many times do I have to repeat that you aren't allowed to talk to other boys and you are mine?"

Cat got my tongue,as I feared hard to even utter a single alphabet. "Answer me damn it!" He banged his fist on the table pushing the chair backwards as he stood crashing it against the wall. "He's just worried" I said,packing in the food I brought,keeping my eyes down. "Are you kidding me?! Why would he be worried?! You are in here,with your boyfriend girl!!!!" He shot back.

Come on you can do it

"Yeah,because you hit me! That's why he is worried! He's the only person on this building over here,prolly even the only person within our group of friends who.." he cut me off..
My cheek suddenly warmed up as his hand,as rods,came in contact with my skin,a stinging pain jolted up my spine. He pulled my face back at his to look straight in his eyes,rolling my wrist behind my back,almost breaking it. "DONT YOU GET IT! I DONT LIKE ANY PRESENCE OF THAT GUY AROUND YOU!"

"Rose" said,a voice which brought utter peace to my soul as Mark stood to the door. "We are just.." "talking?" said Mark,cutting me off. My ex had obviously let me go when he heard the voice,because he can't risk his reputation and fame of being a topper go into drains. "Come on" Mark said as he held my wrist and pulled me out of my hell.

A hot liquid,started to crawl down my lips,as it hurt,bad. "Allah,your lips are bleeding man,wait here" said Mark as he rushed towards the school kitchen. I sighed and sat back. He dipped the cotton into something and pushed it lightly on my lips,making it sting more. "So,how many days are these going to continue?"asked Mark. I sighed and looked down. "Your dream has been successfully fulfilled" said Mark as I raised my eyebrows at him. "The blood on your lips makes you totally look like that famous ghost,BLOODY MARY and yes,it's totally scaring me" I laughed hard at this slight joke and hit his arm playfully. "Shut up" I said.

Jessica: "You there?!"

Oh God. My past,and him,they don't seem to leave my mind. I shook my head,and dismissed the painful feeling and memory. I deserve better..

Rose: "I'll do it. But that's only because you are insisting"
Jessica: "Thank you so much,I'm sure you will like him. Just take your time and don't rush,there's no pressure"

I sighed heavily and lied down,closing my eyes. Eran would be different,I know it. I just know it.

Eran's POV
"Why? What's wrong?" I asked Jessica who was going all on me,just because I sent a 'hi babes' to Rose. I mean,it's cool. Moreover she is my babe,so yeah it obviously goes with her. Okay,yeah I know I haven't still made her my girlfriend but I know how to make a girl weak and mine. I know I have that magic and aura in me. The first message of mine to her was undeniably cool,like come on,I'm not like the rest of the population out there who texts a girl saying just a 'hi'.

Being straightforward and classy is my thing,not a cringe lover boy who is so shy to even talk to a girl he has a crush on. I mean,it's social media,I don't have to face her. But that certainly doesn't mean that I'm scared to face her,it's just simply an intention to make our first encounter a memorable one,and not like the regular stories.

"You seriously want me to talk to this pervert"


The screenshot read. Pervert?! How dare she?! Okay so? If she found it pervish,this very much explains what kind of an over sensitive girl she actually is! Just damn it! I don't need her

I switched off my phone and sat back on my couch,running fingers through my hair locks,setting it right on the process.

Her smile

Ughhhhhhhhhhh ffiiiiineeeeeeeeeee!!!

Jessica: "Where are youu?!"
Eran: "Yeah yeah,I know I fucked up,don't expect me to apologize now"
Jessica: "Yeah okay! But don't try do anything "cool" afterwards,according to your dictionary. She's a different girl,not like the other flings,and as I told you before,she's way more than sensitive then you can imagine"
Eran: "yeah,fine"

                               * a small sneak peek*
Rose: " Oh,I didn't know you were such a lame wag?"

Omgggg!!! How dare she call me lame! Me?!

Eran: "oh that was nowhere close to lame"

To be continued
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