27 - The Wolf Cry

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Track twenty seven: The Wolf Cry

Album: Winter Soldier

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ᴺᴼᵂ ᴾᴸᴬᴵᴺᴳ : Diana
"I'm sorry about this. We need a place to lay low."

The retired marine looked us over and I couldn't blame the confusion sculpted onto his face. Sam Wilson was probably having a very normal morning in his decently sized condo.

He probably had a decent night's sleep and woke up to the sound of his eight-o'clock alarm. Unlike the trio of us who spent our sleepless night, not only digging ourselves out of the ex-base's rubble but, also laying low enough to not get caught.

He probably had breakfast waiting on his table when we knocked on the door, while I haven't eaten since dinner two days ago. I wonder what he was eating. Toast? Pancakes? Oh I hope it was pancakes.

And now the man was forced to leave his normality with his pancakes to look at the trio of on-the-run Avengers trying to stay alive.

"Everyone we know is trying to kill us."

The normal man looked directly through us. Part of me wondered if he was contemplating turning us away, "Not everyone," he moved slightly and allowed us to sneak inside as he shut and locked the door.

Sam directed us into his home and I immediately made a B-line for the washroom. Locking the door behind me I splashed water in my face, thinking back to our conversation with that Nazi computer.

My breathing staggered as I held the sink for support, fearing if I let go I'd collapse onto the tile.

My knuckles began to turn white as I clutched the sides. Why couldn't things ever be at least twenty percent normal? Why couldn't it ever be something like, 'Oh no! I can't have the government chasing me, I have a science report due next week!' Now that would be the dream.

But no. I'm just a thing, being chased by the most powerful collective group of spies to ever grace the planet.

I grunted as I stripped off my grimy clothes and began to wash the pungent smell of smoke off of myself. I couldn't help but roll my eyes as I removed the soap from my skin, seeing fresh bruises and cuts covering my arms and legs.

It sad how used I was to that.

I internally screamed, throwing my dirty clothes and underwear back on, and wrapped the towel around my head before exiting the room, "Washrooms free," I called out and began to head towards the room Sam directed us to when we got inside.

I collapsed onto the bed and took in the smell of the guest bed's sheets. The dust made me even sleepier than before, and it didn't take that long to fall asleep.

↻ II ↺

My fingers trailed over the golden letters covering the nice man's arrow. I couldn't understand what it said, but they told me it had the word 'Diana' on it.

"Are you sure you'd like that to be your name?" The nice man asked again, "I have a lot more options if you aren't sure about this."

The red headed woman nodded, "A name can only be chosen once and we just want you to like it."

I slowly pressed my lips together, "A... a name is something I'll be called by... I like this one," I held the arrow up higher. "I like the name Diana."

↻ II ↺

The sounds of sizzling food had awoken me from my much needed slumber. Not eating much in the last few days extremely lowered my stamina. I had to physically fight myself from not lifting myself off of the squeaking mattress in order to investigate. 

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