Chapter eight

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Before (Y/n) knew it Mr Conners lesson was close to being over, throughout his whole class (Y/n) found that her mind continuously wandered elsewhere. Constantly thinking back to the harsh tone he questioned her with, however the more (Y/n) switches between the scene she's replaying in her head, and looking up at the bright cheerful man who's passionately teaching his class, the more she feels like her stupid mind is overreacting yet again.

Closing the text book in his hands, Mr Conner begins to finish up the lesson by giving out a booklet of homework, he makes some light hearted jokes as he passes out the stack of papers, and the rest of the class just groan at both the homework and his humour.

Handing (Y/n) her share of the homework she notices a little note on the top right corner, reading, 'see me after class :)' confused she looks up at Mr Conner and he just smiles his usual smile, giving no hint or clue as to what this talk will be about, leaving (Y/n) to brood over every possibility. Finally the bell rings and everyone miserably shoves their homework into their bags, and clambers out of the classroom. Bts who were seated at the very back, furthest away from (Y/n), make their way to the front where (Y/n) is still sitting.

"Didn't you hear the bell? You do know the lessons over right? You're allowed to move now," Yoongi says sarcastically, lightheartedly poking fun at (Y/n), as he picks up her bag so she doesn't have to carry it to their next class. Snapping out of her daze (Y/n) gives a polite giggle and mumbles a quiet apology, "haha, sorry... you guys go ahead I'll catch up soon, Mr Conner wants to speak to me about something." She points at the top of her homework showing the seven of them the note.

Taehyung announces with a boxy grin, "I guess we'll just have to wait with you here then!" Immediately plopping down next to her. Before the rest can follow suit Mr Conner speaks up, "No, this is just between (Y/n) and I, you boys go off to your next class I won't hold her back for long-" Mr Conner nonchalantly shoos Bts away with a hand, the seven of them don't listen, they just look the teacher in the eyes and sneer. Mr Conner says again, this time a bit more aggressively, "-You, Can, Go, Now. Go on, off you go."

Each and every member of Bts is now royally pissed off, how dare a mere human talk to them in such a manner, the air around them grows stagnant, as the seven of them each hold back their own unadulterated rage which is quickly boiling to the surface.

Mr Conner who was once standing tall caves in on himself as he turns white with fear, trembling in his shoes, like a blank piece of paper being held up against the wind. He tries to swallow down the lump in his throat but his mouth is drier than the desert, he stands there stunned, struggling down every breath. Each and every instinct he has is screaming at him to run, but his pride is telling him to stay and fight, like he's an over confident Chihuahua trying to confront a bear.

Somehow he manages to withstand the intense pressure they're letting off. Before the dam bursts and all hell breaks loose, Namjoon takes a glimpse at (Y/n)s face.

She's scared, no, she's terrified.

Her eyes are welling up with tears and her hands are shakily held up, as her mouth gapes open and closed like she's trying to find the right words to say but nothing's coming out. Every word she wishes to speak is caught in her throat by her own uncertainty, unsure as to whether or not words from someone like her will help in this situation at all, since she's only ever made things worse.

To Namjoon it doesn't seem like (Y/n)'s too afraid of him and the others, sure right now she's scared but to him this is the kind of fear that will pass. After all he's seen the eyes of the people who truly fear him, he's heard their cries, and ignored their pleas. (Y/n) isn't one of those people, and she will only stay that way as long as he doesn't hurt this rat of a teacher for now.

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