49 || Endeavor

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  This was not the kind of snack run Y/N was expecting to have.

  She just wanted to get a curry bun from the new food truck by the park, yet here she was, stuck punching villains and evacuating citizens from the scene.

  Y/N's stomach growled. The villain in front of her stopped after hearing the ominous noise. Yes, ominous.

  "So hungry..." Y/N's eyes drooped, making them–unintentionally– look quite scary to her current opponent, shivers running down his spine. She put both of her hands on the man's shoulders, shoving him aside. To no surprise, that small shove into the cement ended up shattering the villain's right collarbone and dislocating both of his shoulders. Oops.

  Y/N's little adventure to the curry bun food truck continued with little stops in between to push aside troublesome delinquents and get the citizens to safety. Because of these many little stops, Y/N didn't make it down the street that far.


  Oh yeah, Endeavor and a talking Nomu were also fighting in the sky. Not that it really piqued the girl's interest; it was just another hero battle after all. She continued to walk, her attention not on the two figures in the sky.

  They, however, had their attention on her.

  "That's the girl that Boss was planning on kidnapping. I wonder what his face will be like if I bring her to him." Endeavor looked down to where the Nomu was looking.

  "!!!" He recognized her! There was no way he would let the Nomu get her; especially not when he knows how much she means to Shouto. It's not like his son tells him anything about her, but the one time he did, it was when he saw how happily he was texting her when he came home for the holidays.

  "Oh. It's stuck." Not noticing anything that was going on, Y/N busily tried to unhook her shirt that got caught in a loose fence wire.

  Nomu came rushing down from the sky, falling like a meteor towards the girl. This was his chance.

  Endeavor took off after him, fatigue making his mind hazy but strength and determination rushing through his body. He wouldn't let her– who was so precious to his son– get hurt; especially when he was trying to patch things up with his family.

"Finally." Y/N unhooked her shirt from the fence, feeling accomplished.

Y/N felt a hot wave of air pass behind her. It felt nice; like an indoor heater. Except she was outside. So an outdoor heater.

  A loud crash rung through her ears, bits of cement flying, powdery dust swaying in the air. She looked to her right, finding Endeavor and Nomu having a heated battle. Get it, 'heated'-

  Y/N giggled to herself at her lame pun.

  "Everyone, evacuate the area right now!" Endeavor shouted. Y/N looked back up at Endeavor, seeing him holding down the Nomu. Should he help? Maybe not– she thought. She decided to step back and let Endeavor do his own thing; she'd feel bad if she ended up getting credit for finishing the battle when he was working so hard fighting Nomu all this time.


Everyone held their breath watching the television. Todoroki watched with anxious eyes, standing behind the couch. Of course he would be the most worried; it was his dad after all. However, that wasn't the only reason.

Todoroki's eyes widened, gasping a small breath of air once he saw a familiar figure near the scene.

The girl scanned the area to see if there were any injured or disabled citizens that needed help getting away. Todoroki caught her lifting up a toppled car to help the man and woman underneath it get out.

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