28 - Elephant, Rope and Pole

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Track twenty eight: Elephant, Rope and Pole

Album: Winter Soldier

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ᴺᴼᵂ ᴾᴸᴬᴵᴺᴳ : Diana
My feet stumbled over the metal walkway as the soldier led me through the halls. My blue eyes scanned the surroundings, seeing so many new things. It wasn't that often that I'd get to leave the lab or my room.

After a few more curious long minutes of twisting eventually stopped at a set of large double doors. I was so fixated on the height of them I slightly jumped back as another armed guard opened the doors. While the man holding me let go the other pulled me inside and slammed the doors shut behind him.

Before I could even register the room I noticed the smell. Fresh Lysol disinfectant. It burned my nostrils making me gag. It was as if this room was cleaned so often the smell sept into the walls.

The room itself could only be described the same way as well, clean. The white room looked to be the size of an office. Plain white walls, white tile flooring. I would say it looked the same as any other room in the facility, if it wasn't for the large mirror placed directly in the centre of the long wall. And in every corner had an armed soldier with guns cocked and ready to fire.

Without a second to think I was pushed into the centre of the room, causing me to bump into another guard. Or at least that's what I thought he was.

The first giveaway was that the man wasn't in the same uniform as the others. He wore a grey sweater with matching sweatpants, a stark contrast to the sleek black army uniforms the other wore. But it kinda made me a little excited at the outfit. Why? Because we matched.

I gave a light smile as I looked up at the man, almost having to throw my head back just to make eye contact with the blue eyed man.

He looked rather rough with many scars, bumps and bruises scattered around his body. He had a large black mask covering his face and didn't bother to blink, slightly freaking me out.

But I pushed past that feeling and smiled a little bit more. He was like me. He was also pushed around like me. Could there be more of us?

Just before I could say anything a loud buzz filled the room, 'You may begin.'

The sound of clanking metal made my eyes shift to the man's left arm. I didn't notice at that time the noise was coming from him, but I would soon remember.

↻ II ↺

I tried to control my breathing as I sat in the back corner of the vault. At least I think it was the back corner, there was so sign of a door anywhere. I could've been leaning against it for all I knew.

The bright fluorescent lights covering my ceiling were much more of a curse than a blessing. Back in the day my only source of light was the small cracks between the wall and door. Memories I thought I suppressed came back to me as I thought about those days. Like how I used to press my face against the floor so I could catch a glimpse of light.

Shield had to give me sunglasses when I was brought to America since my eyes were so diluted to light.

I almost forgot about that.

The sound of metal clanking made me immediately jump to my feet. My breathing quickened as I put my freshly bloodied fists up and went into a fighting stance preparing for the worst.

I felt a swish of air from behind me and I quickly turned around to see someone I wasn't expecting, Alexander Pierce. He looked rather surprised at my actions and put one of his hands up, "I come in peace."

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