Chapter 12 - Unless those words are true.

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S I D D H A R T ' S P E N T H O U S E

Quote of the day: Slowly-Slowly She was falling in love with him, unknowingly ~ Asiya23

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Quote of the day: Slowly-Slowly She was falling in love with him, unknowingly ~ Asiya23

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Hritika's POV

"What the F..."

As I registered those familiar voices, I slowly open my right eye nervously whilst praying silently 'let it be real'. When I didn't see anyone I squeeze my eyes shut and open it.

"Now my ears have also started ringing!?!" I snort when my gaze falls on the couch and heard chuckles from the side. Scolding myself mentally, I swivel around.

"Thank God!" I murmured sighing in relief when I saw Siddharth, not any kidnapper.

"Did yo-"

"Oww, Oww!" Siddharth was cut off by Someone Yelp.

Rishi standing form came in my view who was kneeling down first, maybe.

But why was he kneeling down in the first place?!

"Don't you know, what you did some minute ago?" Siddharth narrowed his eyes at me with a thunderous look.

Oh, my bad luck! Again voicing out!!

"Sorry!"I looked towards Rishi guilty.

"Sorry? You nearly killed him!! What if that vase hit his head?" Siddharth nearly shout at me and this headache is also not helping me at all.

"I didn't see that you were instead of kidnapper! I am really sorry!!" I sadly pout looking down like a kid who murdered an ant accidentally while playing with the hem of my blacktop that I didn't realise till now that my arms are bare.

Yep I did murder once when I was Five!!

Don't judge!!

And for the meanwhile, let me tell you what happened?? Once... No... I was chasing a cat and fell on the floor with that ant under my palm and I crushed it thinking as grass. When I came to know, I cried a lot and got her whole proper funeral done.

While boys were standing beside me so they got a glance of my cuteness.

"Nah it's okay!!" Rishi smile while patting my hair that I forget my headache for a moment.

Lucky his girlfriend.

But I feel like he's my elder brother.

I miss my brother and parents.

It's all that dream fault.

I turned my gaze towards Siddharth and waited for his reply. He sighs and ran his hand through his hair.

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